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Control of bungee with glencore p l seen core the world's largest commodities trader approached bungee last year over a merger but was refused glencore signed a standstill agreement that prevents it from making a hostile bid for the time being a person familiar with the situation says bank of america prime broker executive oh mead malik who left the firm this month departed after it began investigating an accusation of inappropriate sexual conduct malik abrupt exit from the bank had been the subject of speculation within the industry since it became public on january xi reached by bloomberg after he left malik declined to comment on the reason for his departure adt the home security company owned by apollo global management fell during its first day of trading after raising less than expected in us ipo tim wall ceo of adt was interviewed on bloomberg he says there are great opportunities for the company ahead in 2018 business because we spend a lot of money to acquire new customers so we can drive a lot of careful by driving down the cost of customers as well as the benefits you get from top wine girl but again as we look at kotli in growth new services into the consumers faced as well as again reentering back into the commercial space that was slip when tiko and adt slip years ago adt fell eleven and a half percent yesterday global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm susanna palmer this is bloomberg you're listening to politics policy and power with amy morrison peter barnes on bloomberg radio.

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