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The the guy the kid pat i'm trying to say i'm a mom way announcing i'm supposed to as you had a pretty mommy that's out right but you know he played left guard all year last year jacksonville so you know you try to hit on him at left guard you know and then all of a sudden you rebuild your line through lesserknown guys so i think they made a statement you know get them and said look when it comes from the gym office you have to make a statement about your team and the soldier signing was the statement that we were not going to allow this team to kinda crumble from from the left tackle position absolutely and needs and the same thing at linebacker and they go out and get ogle tree trade and he's the speed and then they get martin who's the size and ogle tree led the rams and tackles a bunch of flies all over the place looks like a guy who create if you to me he's a good player i know football focus had him ranked really down low in the at the linebacker position but you know between him and morton you're trying to get especially in the three four defense here trying to really emphasize the importance of linebackers which really has been de emphasized by the giants since two thousand eight yeah no kidding and they've gotten you know they've they've gotten up and down very inconsistent play from the linebackers and i think that's the big issue you know oval tree is gonna be the guy in the middle of the helmet and and basically on the radio and directing the defense and that's something that you know they lost last year you know they loved what they saw bj goodson in week one you know eighteen tackles against the cowboys and he couldn't stay healthy for the rest of the season so you know goods and comes back this year and can stay healthy and he's in the middle with tree now you have a bumper and goodson and a guy who could fly around and ogle tree like you said you have martin setting the edge on one side and then you're probably gonna have alleviate vernon at least when they're in base for three.

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