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July first the new bell duties on fountain drive in reston town center it's a food lover's market not immigration we have to be very strong i like the issue election to our issue is strong borders no crime there issue is open borders let ms thirteen all over country that's what's going to happen if you listen to them president trump telling nevada republicans yesterday that he thinks the issue of immigration will be a winner for republicans in the midterm elections but perhaps it won't play so well in lexington virginia where white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked to leave a restaurant because of her role in selling the administration's policies my panel is here with me david urban i wanna ask you your vocal supporter of the president has this ever happened you is anyone ever asks you to leave a restaurant or not yet matt may later today i would just say this i think it's sad right near and i disagree we're completely opposite sides of many many issues most issues we get along fine right you can have civil discourse in america disagree right america should be a marketplace of ideas we want to have a civil discourse in debate and be able to do that you shouldn't be asked to leave a restaurant because it look if you do let her suffer the fate if she if the people don't want him now frequent her restaurant because their views that's great let's read this i'm sorry that sarah huckabee sanders had a bad day i'm not worried about sarah huckabee sanders i'm worried about the african american kid in school who gets harassed by kids who think they have a license to harass because the president says so i'm worried about the hispanic kid the hispanic american citizen who was harassed at school and call the member of ms thirteen because the president calls immigrants from hispanic countries of members of mistakes teen i'm not worried about sarah huckabee sanders i'm worried about millions of kids today are seeing a different america i want to say it's hard to have lectures on civility from the trump administration i mean just that was electric heroes the lecture just to say referring to sarah saying the president yesterday is attack it i mean he started his campaign calling mexicans ripe is he yesterday attacking democrats sarah huckabee sanders father is tweeting tax and nancy pelosi is just support a have being supported by ms thirteen gang members so i think that's the challenge here which is really this week has been a particularly tough week in that the trump administration has a policy which most americans don't think is a policy debate but is frankly immoral i want to get reaction to that because it's true governor mike huckabee former governor of arkansas tweeted something in which he called the people who asked his daughter to leave the restaurant bigots but at the same way he also tweeted this it's an image of what appears to be a latino gang and it says nancy pelosi introduces her campaign committee for the take back of the house disgusting really when you look at this mentality and what how he tweeted that picture and also just with regard to to sarah i mean she used her government account for taking on this private restaurant a private business so i personally think she should be referred to the office of government ethics we think that's unethical but yeah if you use a government account to attack a private business on personal time i mean that's not right you just we have more important let let me go back to the more important things and i just want to mention a couple of things that are very important about the children in terms of the separation first of all the children that we saw had not seen any mental health professionals we need they're not legal maybe at some point in the system but during intake and during the processing there are no social workers there may be a couple of caregivers and so the guards are doing their job but we need to have people who understand and can council these children because they have been traumatized like you would not believe no legal representation at all until after their way into the system and so they have no ability to defend themselves and the thirdly let me just say i think this is so serious that i sent a letter to the secretary general of the united nations that i requested that he's sending you in observers down to conduct an investigation because.

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