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Right guest cast. We have john abbott as vince. Hawkins colin douglas. As ruben and the rutan voice he's notable because he played a character. Donald bruce in the enemy of the world. Ralph watson plays ben travers. And he's been several doctor who projects if played an overseer in the underwater menace from the patrick trout era captain ben night a unit officer in the web of fear from the patrick trout era and also play the same character in a big finish diary of river song story. The web of time. You've played the character. Edis in the monster of pelivan from the jon pertwee era. We also had sean cavalry as lord henry. Lord henry palmdale. He's notable 'cause. I guess he was in the movie. The curse of the pink panther. Okay the one that was. I think it was After peter sellars death okay. So that one allen rope plays colonel james skin sale. He played Dr evans in the moon base from the patrick drought era edward a wessex in the time warrior. Which was the story. That introduced sarah jane smith anderson tar sands and he also played gareth in full circle. Which was the introduced. Patrick from the topic very nice. And lastly we also had an will it as adelaide the saggio and rio fanning as harker. And of course most of these characters if not all of them die in this story because this is one of the few stories where the entire supporting cast dies in the story this is. It does have a lot of feeling of agatha christie and then there were none you know a couple other her it does have that feel of. Everyone's getting slowly picked off ten little indians. I always prefer the kind of knockoff parody of that called murder by death. Yes ever seen that movie. I love that movie. I need to see it again. Because i've seen it a couple of times. I know the first time here fox in it. Yeah i i i was. I went in wanting a real mystery. And like you know like in the end where they go. Was there a killing. yes killed. Good weekend you know. I was like wait a minute. You didn't give it an. I need to rewatch this again. And just enjoy the whole irony of that nets that i should add that to my rewatch. Yeah that's one. That's kind of annoying because it's not nobody streaming it. Oh it isn't okay. Yeah yeah. I've trust me i've looked okay so If you know where murder by death is streaming let me know yeah place trivia. This is the only onscreen appearance to date of the ruins despite bench several times in various doctor who stories as the moral enemies of the centaur. And.

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