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And this it is episode one zero seven and get to the rb computing web poll right out of the gate because this is an interesting thing in sl. Yes i and it goes to what the right of the fan is when they buy season tickets or they buy tickets to a game <hes>. What is their expectation tation level. What can they expect to receive in return for their money and the whole thing with andrew lock kind of a sideline thing sl today. Thanks for pointing. This went out by the way andrew. Luck retires basically on the eve of the season you know we're we're about a week away from the start of it and he unexpectedly retires here's so the majority of all fans who bought their season tickets and some who may be bought for you know opening week or whatever <hes> what about the concept except of and colts fans are doing this some of them anyway. They're asking for refunds at the ticket office. Do they have a right to refund is the question and that's our web poll today brought to you by rb computing simple yes or no answer. What say you james yeah. I read that article so so a bunch of it's on the legal side of whether the colts if they sued the colts who would win in court and the guts of it is the colts would on every issue cultures went on every issue the big one the big one that seems when you read the law the big one is if you who have misled the ticket holder if you've misled the ticket buyer intentionally than they would be entitled to this refund right and by that would have to be even though andrew luck quit it would half to be agile lock when they started announcing that he was you know going to start this year and he'd be there number one guy where you know you buy tickets because evangelist doc which they did which they did. They might be entitled to it. If andrew luck knew it was an entire ploy that he was never gonna play k okay if they could if they could figure that out the guy said well no. We're just doing this so we can sell tickets but we're gonna play so that would be the closest thing that do it have a right to do it but it's nowhere near that andrew luck yeah but if you throw up the legal battle <hes> through your lawyers out in front of a fan who's looking you know 'cause little timmy and ah you know <hes> got a ticket and saved his <hes> his newspaper route allowance <hes> and saved up for opening day tickets and his favourite andrew luck unexpectedly italy retires and he would like his he would like to get his money back. I don't know if you wanna throw a bunch of lawyers in front of that so let's examine it from the p._r. Standpoint from the the standpoint standpoint of you know good business practice. <hes> from the standpoint of the customer is always right so let's leave the legalities out of it. We've established that legally the coulter in good tape but what about from a p._r. Standpoint might you for those who want their money back would you. Maybe say okay but that's <hes>. If that's how you feel it's unfortunate tonight. Andrew luck fan so here's your money back yeah i. That's my gut reaction to it as well. She okay your money back. Okay lanna fight fight over this thing we don't want to do that. It doesn't sound like it's thousands of fans that want their money back. You know one of the more interesting takes was a guy who who tried to sue the team because he went to watch his favourite players and the coach sat them that night so no one's never sued a team because of injury right that they they even on the field or away from the field that no one's ever come forward and said okay. I want my money back because the guy got injured or got injured away from the.

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