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We return and courtside head coach JR Payne here. We are at the MGM garden arena. Arizona state third time around they say it's hard for a team to win three times against the team. That holds true today. We're counting on it. Now, we're not counting on that. We're counting on playing great basketball game today. Yeah. I mean, here's a really good team. Every team in this league has great strength and also some weaknesses. So we've got to be able to to play great today to be successful. They throw different stuff at you. I mean, you know. What the coach is going to do there. But it is a different look than. Other Pac twelve teams is that an advantage for you guys because you really can zero in and you know, exactly what they're gonna come back to they keep it pretty simple. You know, Charlie's a great coach. And does such a great job. They do what they do. They're extremely fundamental their tremendous defensively in that they just do their job. You know, they're they're very consistent. They play out eleven flare. So they're very deep very, well conditioned, strong, physical senior Laden team, and they start for seniors or three seniors. And so so they're experienced and they're good buck. You have experience you have some experience players now. I mean, you've got through twenty nine games players have played a lot more than expected. The fee now is one of them. Fortunately, you're not going to have painted today. But you have Emma Clarke Couva stepped up and all of these extra minutes your different team than what Zona state has seen the the first time. So there's a little bit to that. Yeah. Definitely are. I love that. Our young players have had the. Opportunity to play more than perhaps they would have. So.

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