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That is a reality. It's highly relevant right now. And the reason why it's highly relevant is because we have a majority of Christians to believe they're on the right side, especially when they're talking about their politics. We know the last days are here. I mean, we sense it we feel it we smell it. We eat it. We drink. We sleep. We pray. We pray. That's what we do. We pray. That's what we're supposed to do. Everything. We do is right here right now. And everything we do all of our efforts Spurs us on and we work out. We work out in pray and think of obedience in all areas of our life and equally in our politics. We realize that there is something good. And there's something evil. Worldly, politics influences our lives, whether we like it or not. And it influences Christian politics Islamic politics in Jewish politics. And we're all somehow trying to get along. But we're failing. We're failing because. Political engagement and religious engagement is being supplanted by something else. And that is the engagement of all things occult dark sinister. And in certainly. Active as we look at the symbolism of the arch. The symbolism of the arch. What it represents what we're talking about with the cavenaugh Ford hearings. The idea that the stars are aligned and they were aligned I attack on the president of the United States where we don't hear that. It was an assassination attempt we downplay it, and we say the man sent beans castor beans when castor and politics were in the sky in the morning of that attack where the moon sat between the two the Gemini the twins. The crown of I sits on the head of bail. This is teric. I know it is. But certainly everything is going into play. And if you know anything about the occult, you know, how dark and sinister this play is. And those in secret societies love these medieval plays, and they love to carry them out their rituals, and they certainly will bring us down into the abyss. If we do not pay attention to what's going on. And I know I sound eccentric. I know I sound crazy. But you know, what I think that you know, and you feel it. You know, what times we're in right now. Go to Bob in California. Hi, Bob, you're on ground zero high CLYDE, I have to say, you're my favorite twenty-first-century broadcaster because you drill so deep and you have profound spiritual discernment. Thank you. Thank you. I'm a former atheist from the long extinct. Nasa study project, and I'm now nondenominational Christian of follower of Jesus Christ. And I've come to the conclusion that tonight you have clearly articulated the divide and conquer strategy of the fallen angels. I believe God is allowing this to happen to test. The will of man, and what you talking about is the most important subject that anyone can think about at this point in history. And thank you for what you're doing. We'll bob. I thank you. And I hope you're recognizing what I'm trying to say. I think a lot of people are are shocked because they want to get into the division and the arguments over who's right news wrong. But the truth of the matter is the snare is great and people are being drawn into it. And it's going to create some of the darkest division. I've ever seen in the history of my country, and it's be fighting fighting tooth and nail to get the information out there that yes symbolism matters that yes what we're seeing? It's subconsciously affecting us. And I, and I don't want people who think this is crazy. This is a reality when things fall into place like this. You have to shake your head and say something dark is afoot here. I can't put my finger on it. But we have to pay attention. I agree with you one thousand percent my research backs up everything you're saying I have quietly connected. The dots myself and tonight, you are the voice of this reality, and it takes discernment, and it takes patience to peel back the layers of deception, but tonight, you provided us all with an insight and wisdom and have given us spiritual sunglasses to help us to see through the glare of demonic deceptions. This is a project to divide and conquer a house divided. We'll fall and the United States of America represents freedom. And that is an enemy idea to tell a -tarian forces of evil. Thank you. Bob. Thank you. God bless you. Bye. Bye. It's gonna Mark in Kansas. Hi, Mark young ground zero. Oh, thank you. You know? I like a lot of what you say. But I have to say I don't think the problem here is anything to do with a cultism. I my my guess is that ninety nine percent of the people in this country. Don't know bail from baling wire. Well, that's what my purpose is to teach the country the difference between bail and baling wire. Well, no, there's nothing wrong with that. But my problem is I think the problem is the ignorant to the American people. Do you realize that only about one third of American citizens can pass the citizenship chest? Yes, that they give to people that want to become citizens. Yes. I know people under thirty. It's right around twenty percent, and many don't even know what's in the constitution. They notified parts of the first amendment. They don't know a lot of things about the constitution. They don't know how the voting system works. They don't know how they're gonna walk away. A lot of Americans are gonna walk away from his cabinet Ford situation dismayed and wondering how it all went down the way it did. And they thought they were on the right team. And they certainly will wonder how did this happen? And it's because they don't pay attention to the nuances that are being thrown at them. I'm taking it from Nicole perspective, which is something that I was noticing some of the occult phraseology. Hand signals things of that nature numbers play effect. I mean, nine eleven's you name it. They're all there. And people have been talking about them. We've been hinting at them. We finally at work were close to the Mark of what was going on here. Some people disagreed saying that I was up in the night and crazy, but no you can go back and everything that I had brought up since the beginning of September. Since the beginning of his hearing has happened. And I didn't talk about the arch of bail being erected. I think I said it once in passing, but this arch was erected everything that arch represents is everything that's being talked about in. This hearing everything nothing is overlooked everything is being broadcast. And somehow, I think this this arch whatever it is is a transmitter bringing forward all the darkness and pain that it will. After this whole voting system is done with cabinet becoming chief Justice. I don't disagree with that. But but my my thinking is the best defense against all this crap. What is the truth? And I think the bible says the truth will set you free. Yeah. It'll piss you off I well. Well, well, that's that's the start of the process. I'm glad you're willing to take take the strikes, my friend. I am glad. No, I I don't disagree with Amy you said, but but. These people that are saying that America was never great. They'll either liars fools. That's my opinion. Yeah. I I remember America at one time being great. I know that we've had our downs and we've had our ups, but never has it been like this to where I worry about the decision of appointing a chief Justice supreme court. Yeah. Even even even when Anita hill, people are still great without government. I worry about well and who plays in the government. But those who do these medieval power plays, and they love to throw their worship to unknown gods, and unknown powers and they've done it forever. And we let it happen. And then when stumbling goes down like this, they'll all come on. That's all coincidence. Well, let it be a coincidence. And. I wouldn't be surprised at all people in the government that are wash stick some of these false gods. I believe that at all. But once we start paying attention. And I think that's happening. I think things are gonna get better. Well, they can only get better. Way. I said they could get much worse. Well, that's true. I mean, look short-term pessimists long-term Optimus in the beginning. We see in front of us adoptable. We must leap over that. Obstacle. We must remove that obstacle. We we must never ever put ourselves in that position again. But the trouble is as you say going back to your education argument, people do not learn from history. They don't feel they need to know history. They learn from history. And that is why we're in the situation. We're in right now. Yeah. It's really bad. I was watching. I was watching on one of the stations, and they were given the people to test the citizenship. And this was a woman that had an advanced degree. She did not know she could not name three countries that we opposed in World War Two really know, which which war general is now. I mean, good. That's just that just blows my mind. People don't pay attention to history world history American history. And they don't know why they believe the way they believed they just believe. Yeah. To me to me. It's the problem of education. Like, I said, I I think the truth will set you free. Well, keep telling the truth there, Mark. I appreciate it. We'll do that. All right, man. Thank you so much for what you do. You bet. Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred. It's just that everything for me. In the past month has all come together. Okay. And whether you believe in the idea that someone wants to emphasize the the Escott on they went to bring it forward. They wanted to bring it here. All right. They wanted to be a tangible living breathing entity. And they want to somehow take that entity throw it into a surrogate and call it a God, call it an external save your call it whatever you want. But everything that that Archer presents is everything that we're talking.

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