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Center While it's a gentle reminder but please be aware if the car still has anything on the top of it and you have the ability to break it off but it froze last night make sure that that's not going to go flying if you get out of your neighborhood Now many of your side roads were still dealing with a lot of slushy conditions that refroze overnight So we've got a little bit of treacherous conditions You'll then get out on some of the main lines that look fantastic to immediately get off of a main line back toward potential dangerous situations again on back roadways So just take it easy if you don't have to be out there again today delay your ride maybe let it get a little bit warmer or possibly do some telework We'd had a couple issues in Bethesda both on the inner loop as you rode toward old Georgetown road and three 55 look off the right side of the roadway there We'd had some issues with trucks involved in Rex out of upper Marlboro downed trees along four northbound between three O one and dower house road You're kind of zig zagging through near Ritchie Marlboro road before the interchange have apparently we've got to pick up off the roadway to the left side The Clara Barton Parkway remains closed with multiple trees down It's blocked between the Glenn co turnaround and chain bridge probably till noon maybe till about two this afternoon There was a wreck on two ten going north and acke before Farmington road had been along the right side of the roadway Some slowing in the district though on I two 95 south as you head down toward the naval research lab there were a couple crashes first along the left and along the right occasionally stopping traffic and try to get everything out of the way A wreck in the district as well going inbound on New York avenue headed toward the lights of West Virginia Montana avenue the crashes along the right side of the roadway Now you'll find in Virginia 66 good at Gainesville east all the way toward roslin Don't forget 95 reopened last night in the 9 o'clock hour route one reopened just after four this morning so all you're traveling is available on 66 coming out of Gainesville east out near 29 in Centreville we earlier had one broken down along the right side So be.

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