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To stay home and only go out for centralized on site just food or formal orders extending our instructions to stay home and the closure of business and the identification of a central businesses will be extended through April thirtieth all nonessential stores were closed we are in a really tough Financial Times as the state it mirrors the incredible personal sacrifices that happen every single day because people have limited their ability to work and telecommuting and many people in fact have lost their jobs but just days after that news conference a week before Easter Hughes thirteen has learned governor Michelle Lujan Grisham called an employee at lily per rack on for sale to buy expensive jewelry it was bought over the phone but the employee went to the clothes store got the jewelry and placed it outside the door of the store where someone who knew the governor picked it up this according to the person who runs a little deeper rack stores who said she didn't know about it until after it happened and said no one was allowed in the stores at that time the governor refused an on camera interview she reviews the lawn care interview maybe she will see the gorgeous expensive jewelry she was wearing it is are there any journalist in Colorado the following Jered publisher world we finding out anything the jobs done the enquiring minds want to know because we also know that governor Whitmer up in Michigan she traveled to her summer lake home her husband decided to go boating when she had said you couldn't go boating our government governor Northam of Virginia governor blackface instituted a mandatory mask ordeal ended was seen on some beach in in Virginia Sam's mask everywhere you look you find these hypocritical politicians that are telling well as peels what we must do we must do it to flatten the curve we must do that too I don't know save the universe but still different they don't have to follow the same rules they don't have to follow in the rules this makes me the first meet meet discuss me because I've seen these politicians up close and personal for for six years I watched members of both the Republican Party in the Democratic Party say one thing in public tell me an entirely different thing for or do one thing in private into something entirely different in the public I don't know why I don't know why they think hello what we put up with but we do Michelle lu Han Grisham will she will pay a price for when it comes time for reelection it will go through the full potential history what more will probably won't pick it will push for what we will pay a price for what we don't know of anything these Dunya I'm not sure there's much medium Colorado that would what I find out even if they did it with the bill but at some point I just have to say you enough is enough to give some credit where credit's due house Republicans have filed a lawsuit against speaker Pelosi in an effort to block a sweeping rule change that would open more than two hundred years of precedent and present serious risks to chamber security systems you you're probably not aware with no reason for you to be aware but there are these incredible security systems in both the house and the Senate you don't just let me often times you just do a voice vote and they'll just do a roll call vote between the Senate in the summer Clark remembers reading the role you have to be in that chamber to cast your vote you can't call them you can send an email you can't do a proxy in the house chamber we are four hundred thirty five members it's even more strict you have to actually go in search a key card and then the yeah your neck and that keep card belongs to you then you're responsible for and nobody else can do that and my guess is since I was there they have even put biometrics on it so that you can't give it to a staffer inside give it to a page you go down the floor vote yea or nay for it was filed yesterday evening by house minority leader Kevin McCarthy in the District Court of DC with twenty more wall but GOP lawmakers M. for constituents and I'll tell you about that lawsuit because I think it's important I think it's really important the U. S. is important traffic traffic.

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