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J. up hold on tight. We got it for you. Here this strawberry letter all right subject my disloyal wife and my family dear stephen shirley my forty six year old wife and my thirty nine year old sister are up to something. My sister recently got a divorce so my wife spent a lot of time comforting her and in the process of doing that they went on vacation to miami. When make back. My sister was distant and wouldn't come around. She said she met a great guy and was laying low and keeping her business private. My wife continued to go visit her and she even started taking her food whenever she cooked. I knew my wife and sister had a great relationship but red flags popped up when my wife spent a whole weekend at my sister's house i want to see what was going on and i was not ready for what i saw. A man answered the door and asked who i was and i asked him where my wife was. He said my wife was in the back lying down. He said he didn't know she was married. And i went to my sister's bedroom. I found her lying in bid all bandaged up. She told me she had a brazilian butt lift and she didn't want me to judge her. I was floored. But i needed to go find my wife. I went to the guest room and my wife was passed out drunk. When i woke her. i could smell the alcohol. And she got defensive thing. I'm lame boring so she'd rather be over at my sister's house. I'm trying to figure all of this out. My sister got divorced. Got a new booty. Has my wife drunk in the middle of the day and there are two men in the house. I asked my wife to get her things and come with me and she refused to leave..

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