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Yeah elicits a little items. I'm nail denny today. I'm talking to jerry jones and we're talking about her debut novel. How the one system sweeps her house sherry said. I wanted to talk about some of the characters and a little bit more detail. So we'll start with paula. As you said we find her in this violent destructive relationship with a man the one my imagine she could leave but we also see a why family and a mother as may who is present in. This story is dead at the start of the story Grandmother wilmer. I don't want to give to sway. Say what he's but they said absolutely wild character carson who is terrifying grandmother. Woolmer's husband. Tell us something about about. Laura's background some of these people are his diet aid and one of the key things for her in. The novel is the core concept of low and for la last year. We love with the singing of her me. The way the who sang it and started coming up with a thought. That's one of the earliest expressions of love that anybody will a will feel or experience that sort of love from mother depend name or by son or whatever so lila's character is very much in search about love and i think nothing's way she gets into some of the issues that she does because she's living with her grandmother after her mother's death and her grandmother's husband and she goes through some really traumatic experiences at the hands of her grandmother and her husband and i think that she la la to certain extent because it's clear to her or she feels that she's not getting that level of love and affection at home and therefore i think that's part of the reason why she goes searching for it in eden. Her husband who just happens to take the time and the effort to sing her name in just the way her mother did. So i think la la like most people in the world is looking for love. Unfortunately she's also running away from a situation. And i think as with anybody who's running away from something. I think we focus a lot on what we're running a week from not necessarily what we're running into and therefore that need of the problems that she has to to grapple with in the novel so yes she ends up married to aden They have a dog. And i think think the birth of her daughter is the catalyst for change in lalas life and i think that happens in the novel just as it does in real life for women in similar circumstances so the birth of this of this doctor this this much beloved..

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