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Before we get started with today's episode. I WanNa let you know that our story contains mentions of suicide from wonder media network. I'm I'm Jenny Kaplan. And this is encyclopedia Manica. Our leader today is likely a name you know but you may not know that. She was an extremely family. Talented political and military leader diplomat naval commander and Linguis-. Let's talk about Cleopatra. Cleopatra was born in Sixty nine BC. Her father was telling me the Twelfth Pharaoh of Egypt Ptolemy and Cleopatra were part the Macedonian Dynasty that began with Alexander the Greats General Ptolemy Cleopatra was Macedonia and probably had very little Egyptian blood uh all her native language was coined Greek. She was the only ruler of her dynasty. Utah also learn the Egyptian language the language of her subjects the death of Cleopatra's father fifty one BC e launcher into joint rule with her brother. Ptolemy the thirteen but Cleopatra wanted to be the sole ruler we're of Egypt she fled to Syria raised an army and returned in forty eight BC to challenge her brother at the country's bore a promising zing new figure in Roman politics. Took notice of you chip Shin. Family Feud Julius Caesar Cleopatra knew she needed his help to defeat her brother and and Caesar sought repayment for debts taken on by Cleopatra's father. So the two teamed up as both lovers and political partners after spending spending the winter together in Alexandria. Caesar sent Roman troops to dethrone Ptolemy the thirteenth who ran away and drowned in the Nile. Cleopatra took control of the throne by custom she was now married to her next brother Ptolemy the fourteenth but Cleopatra maintained the majority Jordy of control over the country in forty seven BC. E She gave birth to Ptolemy Caesar also known as Zarian or Little Caesar whether other Caesarian was actually Julius. Caesar son is unclear. Cleopatra visited Cesar and Rome with her new son and was in the city in forty four BC. When Caesar was murdered with her strongest ally Dead Cleopatra returned to Alexandria many historians believe she had told me the fourteenth killed old in order to secure her son's future place on the throne though her means to secure power were cut through? Cleopatra was generally a well liked leader during her rule she oversaw construction of several temples dejection and Greek gods as well as a synagogue for Jewish people in the country during a devastating drought and famine. She opened the royal granaries to her starving subjects. She also economically stabilize the Country Cleopatra via Patrick to maintain an extravagant mystical image she personally identified the Goddess Isis and Aphrodite. After Caesar's death Mark Antony took control of Rome's eastern territories. Cleopatra made a particularly grand entrance for their first meeting sailing up. The sickness is river on a barge loaded with gifts dressed in the robes of isis mark. Antony was enchanted by her despite the fact that he already had a wife. The new new pair threw lavish parties often dressed up as gods together at that time. Octavian also known as the Gusta Caesar Julius Caesar's adopted opted son and appointed air was consolidating power. He was Mark Antony his former ally but he's soon denounced him for being under the thrall of a foreign queen around thirty one BC the Roman Senate ousted Mark Antony from his consulate and declared war against Cleopatra. Octavian sent a fleet of ships to attack Mark Antony and Cleopatra Forces and the couple faced a devastating defeat they fled to Egypt temporarily split up as Mark Antony went to fighting fighting another battle while he was away. He received the mistaken news. The Cleopatra had died devastated. He committed suicide when when Cleopatra found out about his death in thirty ce she also committed suicide partially to avoid capture by Octavian. The two were buried together. After Cleopatra's death the Roman Empire annexed Egypt. This marked the official end of the nearly three hundred year hellenistic.

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