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Was trying to cover up a cover for bobby bruce away to get him out of prison that's manses explanation for the whole thing well yeah in for for the part uh well i guess we should go ahead and say that um that all of these people went to prison on uh and susan atkins patricia krenwinkle leslie van houten they all were you know still so under his spell that they were fully ready and did take the blame for these killings um but when it comes to parole it it what's in janury 1971 that they were all convicted on all the counts a murder conspiracy to commit murder um but years later as parole hearings would come up for all these women in tech's watson and manson himself uh the reason why they were continually denied um even like tex watson became a bornagain christian in you know supposedly turned his life around but they out none of them would would take responsibility all these years later they would all still say that it was manson was manson and from what i understand a big part of getting your parole approved in is to finally take full responsibility for what you had done right and none of them would do it and they were all all denied over the years um susan atkins eventually died of brain cancer in two thousand nine um and then just a few days ago um well leslie van houten in september of last year was actually recommended for parole in just a few days ago as of this regarding uh the governor of california.

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