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Arden and I'm Steve Inskeep. What prompted some evangelicals to start raising money to defeat the president 2020. Also one million Texans have already voted even after the state blocked some ways to do it and some cities take police out of responding to mental health crisis. It's Thursday, October, 15th Day in 2017. When Alissa Milano suggested women post an old slogan me to Within hours, it became a thie news is next. Line from NPR News on Corvin, Coleman, President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will hold separate town halls tonight. They were scheduled to hold their second presidential debate this evening. But the group organizing the debate moved it to a virtual format after Trump tested positive for the Corona virus. NPR's Mara Liasson says the president rejected that. Donald Trump said he wasn't interested. Joe Biden said that in that case, he do his own televised town hall with ABC. Then just yesterday, NBC confirmed that it would do an hour long event with Trump. They'll both started 8 P.m. Eastern tonight. The ABC event with Biden is going to run longer to match the same 90 minutes. At ABC gave to Donald Trump a month ago. NPR's Mara Liasson, Facebook and Twitter are limiting people from sharing a news story with unconfirmed claims about Democratic presidential nominee Biden. NPR's Shannon Bond reports. President Trump and his allies are accusing the social media companies of censorship. Companies say they're trying to slow down the spread of possibly false claims. The New York Post story in question is based on emails purportedly sent by Joe Biden, son Hunter and given to the post by close associates of President Trump. Facebook, which is an NPR sponsor, said it was limiting the articles reach so fact checkers would have more time to evaluate it. Twitter blocked its users from posting the link at all, saying it broke its rules against sharing hacked information. The companies didn't give much detail about why they decided to clamp down on this story. That sparked criticism from experts who say they should more clearly explain their policies. Shannon BOND NPR News as countries across Europe take more measures to control a new wave of the Corona virus. Belgium forecasts a crisis for its hospitals if the current infection rate continues. Teri Schultz reports from Brussels on urgent concerns raised by health officials. Belgium's Crisis Center spokesman. Even Lightem says the number of new infections is doubling every week and warns the country must sharply cut infections or its intensive care units will be at capacity by the middle of November. Admissions to hospital have gone up by 80% over the past week deaths there also climbing Enlightens says this could be considered a second wave of the pandemic, with the entire country considered either a red zone or a dark red one. Last week, Brussels ordered all bars and cafes to close for one month, and authorities aren't ruling out a return to lock down mode. Belgium's neighbors France, Germany and the Netherlands are all tightening restrictions for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels. The US Postal Service has agreed to reverse all the changes that slowed mail delivery across the United States this year. Settles a lawsuit filed by Montana Democratic governor Steve Bullock. There have been complaints that people haven't gotten their prescriptions or their benefits or been able to pay bills on time. This is NPR news. Two American hostages have been released from Yemen. One is a female aid worker and the other is a businessman. They had been held by Iranian backed rebels. The remains of a third person are being repatriated. Associated Press says this release is part of an exchange. Oman's state news agency says 250 Yemenis who had received medical treatment in Oman are being returned to Yemen. The latest in a Syriza's studies about the workplace in Hollywood find it is full of bullies and filled with power imbalances. NPR's Mandalay del Barco has more The Hollywood Commission, chaired by Anita Hill, surveyed nearly 10,000 people working in the entertainment industry about intimidating or humiliating workplace behaviors such as insults. Sarcasm is gestures, yelling, swearing, harsh criticism and physical aggression. One person reported. Quote bullies run rampant and go unchecked and don't get treatment. Women in the survey were twice as likely as men to report abusive conduct workers younger than 40, disabled workers and non union workers. So they have it bad. So do assistance to writers, rooms and executives. A Hollywood commission says it's now training directors, producers, showrunners, casting directors and others to manage bullying mandolin del Barco NPR NEWS, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that the planet has just experienced its hottest September on record. The agency. Noah says 2020 is on track to become one of the hottest years ever recorded. The 10 warmest, September's on record have all occurred since 2005. On Corvo Coleman NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include focus features and MSNBC films. Presenting the way I see it an inside look at President Obama and Reagan through the eyes of White House photographer Pete Souza. Tomorrow at 10 P.m. eastern on MSNBC. President Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. We're supposed to debate tonight, but that plan was replaced with dueling televised town halls. Details on the story coming up next on morning edition. Also in this next segment, three cities, including San Francisco, are taking the police out of responding to most mental and be behavioral crisis calls. Instead, mental health pros and paramedics would respond. First details on that story, too. On morning edition on the foreign Program, which returns today after taking a couple days off for the Amy Cockney Barrett hearings for him at nine with Michael Krasny will have the latest on the confirmation hearings for the woman who may be seated on the Supreme Court. Also a discussion about the Supreme Court's decision this week, allowing the Trump Administration to stop. The 2020 cents is count early Forum with Michael Christening and Meena Cam from.

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