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You don't need me to remind you what that's all about. But to shining lights at the moment one is that it's been announced that my state of Victoria is hopefully on its last few days of this extra strong luck Dan we've been doing it really hot Dan he hopefully some optimistic signs about being able to go well, not back to. Normal as it was, but at least having some of the restrictions reduced. So that's very, very exciting and the other wonderful thing that has actually happened this year that has given me so much optimism was an unexpected trait, the new album from the ice cream hands no weapon loved I hadn't actually released a new album in thirteen years. Of course, the members of the band had all been busy doing a whole bunch of other things most particularly my guest for this show Mister, Charles Jenkins with his band Charles Jenkins in the Chicago. Now, I actually spoke to Charles once before on this program. Back in December of two thousand and thirteen labeled as a bonus episode but became at I think in the same month as episode fifty, five of the show. So if you WANNA go back around that time to have listened to that original episode of you have naturally caught up with it yet but the ice cream hands for those who initiated that band that give pop music a really terrific name if you know me or if you've been listening to this show for a while or you've been looking on the facebook page for love that album. Favorite bands to ever come out of this country have been weddings, parties, anything and ice cream hand. So really quite a treat for me to be able to talk with Charles not only about the album no weapon but love. songwriting things because that's what I like to talk about and I get the feeling that Charles also likes to talk a lot about songwriting into pleasure that it gives him. Now one stike that I make early on in the pace at you're about to hear I opened up saying that Charles is the first musician to return to this program to talk about his work and that's not actually getting credit. We've had Steve, a Los Lobos, a number of times on the program. So Charles, you'll the second musician to come back and talk about his work on this program but huge fan of you both. Okay. Joe's going to give you the contact details. Hey, you can email me hey, can join facebook group for love that album postal. Your thoughts about music would love to see what you have to say about your favorite albums at the moment or just some contentious music issue. We need a few bowl contentious music issues because people don't argue enough on the Internet. That's what I say after that will go straight into the view with Charles and following that I'll be back to talk about what will be on for next month's episode November Twenty Twenty on episode one hundred and forty of love that. But right now on the show I got a dusty. Oh, pile of vinyl records sitting on my floor. We hope you're enjoying the shy. You can find previous episodes as love that album podcasts, dot blogs, spot dot com. You can get us along with any of the other great music discussion shows at rock and roll archaeology dot Com all part of the Pantheon podcast network to keep up to date subscribe to the show via apple podcasts, CIA, spotify, or your podcast. Of choice you can email Mars with Fayed beco- albums gestion at our kitchen at Yahoo Dot COM dot a u join the facebook group at facebook dot com slash groups slash love that album and start a music related discussion. Next..

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