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Me that they are now spending more perhaps on military than we are this is a serious serious problem and you can see how much they they care about human life not at all that **** regime is responsible for everything we're going through and as I said the other day they've done more damage to this country then the Soviet Union to more damage to this country than the Soviet Union and we have there's an expert the daily caller has an exclusive the current the corona virus expert says virus could in fact leaked from the war Han live you know Tom cotton's been talking about this on my radio show and elsewhere and anyone who raised this including me you're dismissed as a cook you're just not allowed to pursue the fax and reported to the American people which is really what journalists are supposed to do Richard Ebright a molecular biology biologist who's been quoted as say a corona virus expert by The Washington Post and MSNBC said to the yesterday that it is indeed possible that the virus leak from a war Han lap and I think it did why because of the conduct of the Chinese they're killing people doctors citizen journalists are they they have slammed on the internet like never before are they throughout American reporters such as they are when they did not allow our experts CDC and otherwise to go into that area in China because he didn't want us to find out what took place she's in glee China's leading virologist on bad borne viruses said in March that she lost sleep wearing that the virus could have leaked from her lab in Wuhan after she first learned of the virus in December she now tells those who share the concerns she once had to shut their stinking mouse some elected a biologist it's saying yes it could happen that is Richard Ebert professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University and he said to the daily caller that there is a real possibility transpacific leave he believes the virus could have leaked from she's Laboral Han he said yes he did not I was not a refutation he said specially not a denial based on nature punishing the human race for keeping uncivilized living habits and while she now tells those who question whether her lab could be connected to the release of the corona virus to shut their stinking miles she previously said she lost sleep over the issue does she know by our colleagues as the Batwoman because of the sixteen years she spent hunting for viruses and Bakkavor told Scientific American in March that she frantically searching for any evidence that her laboratories records witness handled upon learning of the virus's outbreak in Wuhan in late December could they have come from my lap she recalled thinking she said I I had never expected this kind of thing to happen it will Han in central China she said she breathed a sigh of relief when results came back showing that the consequence the sequences of the corona virus did not match the virus she and her team had sampled from bat caves the two Chinese researchers noted in separate papers in February that the horseshoe bats that are known to carry the nearly identical viral viral strain live six hundred miles away from Wuhan the researchers also cited testimony from nearly sixty people who lived or visited one saying that the bat was never a food source in the city and no that was traded in the market in other words they brought the bats into this lab in Wuhan to study them the paper was removed from research gate on February fourteen or fifteen according to internet archive's the paper's lead researcher bottle G. shock didn't return the the daily caller's emails on Thursday seeking comment and now you know why the the genocidal vicious enemy the communist regime in China didn't want anybody to go there all right back to Gavin news Gavin Newsom sees this as an opportunity the way Clyburn does the way pelo see does weigh all the Democrats do in the way the media to to finally push this nation over the cliff into hard core socialism and centralism the Republicans are actually helping them with these massive budgets here's Newsome yesterday cut fourteen go I wonder if you see the potential at some other party due for a new progressive if you want to call it that and national politics and policy and whether there's the opportunity for additionally progressive steps to do the one that I listed on the national and state level going forward you know because of this crisis absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern and that shouldn't put shivers up the spines of you know one party or the other I think it's an opportunity a new for both parties to come together and meet this moment and really start to think more systemically not situationally but just about getting out of this moment but more sustainably and systemically when an eighty center where we can go together this is stored moment if we made it at a national level in the state and sub national level so answers yes yes the answer is yes ladies and gentleman this perfect out this demonstrates progressivism fails they want us all to live in little hovels one on top of the other and yet it's the density of the population that causes a virus like this the spread so aggressively they want us all to use public transportation the fuse public transportation can't stand six feet from each other and move people from job to job place to place I thank the people who are doing the best are the ones who live for this from the city I have acres and acres and acres of land and trucks and automobiles magic if we all lived in a place like New York City what would be going on now so to put down a New York I'm talking about the the density of the population this is the problem open borders anyone think a progressive would a shutdown travel to and from China the way the president did the course that they believe in open borders if they had the weather been no ice there being a border patrol this that this would be a horrific disaster beyond even the imagination today so if anything this shows the failure progressives giving another example the governor of New York is a an aggressive radical progressive he didn't order enough ventilators when he could have ordered more would have been perfect it would have been better why because he was focused on the progressive agenda solar panels why not more bets he's focused on the progressive agenda abortion birth this is the truth distributing wealth identity politics abortion abortion abortion and so as a consequence they're not prepared they're not better prepared and this is where progressivism takes the Ghana health care system the only reason we're getting more ventilators and all the rest despite Peter Navarro the rest with the defense production act is because of the private sector because we actually have companies that can do these things you know we have what's called pharmaceutical companies which were supposed to hate we're supposed to hate GM of the other companies to progressives hate these companies they want fifty sixty seventy percent of their income so they can do what you know solar panels so Gavin Newsom is an idiot he shut down his entire state a doctor Burks is very excited about that saying the kind of the curve has flattened out there as a result of shutting down the economy and destroying California I don't even see them is necessarily connected to be honest with you I really don't they make these assertions I I'm just anyway that's just me obviously I'm in a in a minority so after the break I want to get to something that's been waiting and that is this FBI scandal the inspector general put out information a few days ago that's got no attention whatsoever because of the virus and also there's additional information that the late great Robert Muller I we still live out Robert Muller hid evidence couldn't Matt Margolis he's right exonerating don junior over the infamous trump tower meeting I mean exonerating him beyond his exoneration so you have all kinds of corrupt activity taking place which of course means we need more progressivism I'll be right back.

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