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He was robbed what for we could see a plan for the Major League Baseball twenty twenty campaign soon the league and the players union expected to have a Monday meeting to discuss the possibility of cutting the one hundred sixty two game season basically in half in plain on actual home field starting as soon as early July and also a playoff format expanded seven teams per league plan is expected to come Tuesday twenty six of MLB's thirty teams participated in the Stanford study that said the league's employees tested positive for corona virus antibodies at a rate lower than what similar studies running California found the results of the mid April study showed point seven percents of the major league employees had the virus was seventy percent of those testing positive having been a symptomatic it's unclear how many players were all parts of the study there can be no college football without college NC double a president mark Emmert said that this weekend and that sentiment was echoed by you VA president James Ryan on CBS's face the nation Ryan said even if college football can be played this fall he doesn't expect it to seem like quote unquote normal football seasons Sayan Williamson's legal battle with his former marketing manager has taken another turn prime sports marketing is alleging the family of the number one overall pick in the NBA draft accepted money and other benefits that steered him toward playing for Duke in signing with certain shoe companies the allegations come nearly a year after Williamson sued the company to terminate his marketing agreement and could mean trouble for the Duke program former Maryland running back Anthony McFarland stepping into some big shoes in Pittsburgh the fourth round pick of the Steelers will wear the same number twenty six Jersey his hero levy on bell once more in the steel city Robert fort WTOP sports it's one forty seven.

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