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Whatever the official measurement was not for forty but it was a big center fielder you're interested pitch to it correct away basically to weigh the right handed hitters absolute as in your era they're the opposite field home run really wasn't a thing for going into power but mainly for the Michael Freeman at the plate he swings in files it to the screen remains in there because he's too for three off the data with a home run by the way his name was in part by north along with the official lumber yard of the Detroit Tigers radio network second anybody by both women Chevrolet with the deals make a difference every day man onto out second inning no score women's been a nice productive bad in the limited role with the Indians swinging a foul off the mass Jake Rogers with a nice steady player nothing spectacular it does the job was third base second base perfect kind of guy you want is a mentoring off the bench right never really had any chance to get extended at bats and he has of the Indians and he said coming into this game to eighty with nice extra base power we can also draw walk not bad for a bench guy that'll work fast ball outside Jake Rogers points the glove how to Daniel Norris talk about Roberto Perez yesterday Jim in the confidence the pitchers have joined to him Rogers kinda gives these pictures company so yeah I think so he's good behind the plate you notice that the all the good action if you want to catch the want to swing and a miss change I've got him down and then left the LFE changer a lorry men strikes out a weapon so far three strikeouts for Norris is not a lot of hits through to we head to the bottom of the second in no score Tigers and Indians this is.

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