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Hello. Oh my goodness. The audience is so close, and that is something that is completely wasted on the podcast audience because they can't say it. I I hate when people do that when they record podcasts, and they'll be like, and then I went like this. And then they'll do something with their hand that we can't see and I'm just like explain what you just did. So yes. So super this listening at home, the audience is close, but they're all beautiful people. So it's nice to look at you. All I do like the jarring nature of a room where you can make eye contact with every time. Good feeling from this audience. So good feeling they're they're receptive body, and so far and they're very smiley. So yeah, this is good. Yes. So good eyeballs. Yes. Because we can see you. So Mara tells about your relationship your hits your history with the movie elf. Okay. Well, so I remember when I was sixteen I thought that I was like highbrow by reading Entertainment Weekly. And you know, I was reading the advocate a lot too. I was reading like a lot of which is like a game Zine. I was really in the closet guys. And I was but I was really like I was reading a lot about entertainment. And I heard that elf was a good movie. And I knew that my family we were gonna go see movies over over winter break, and my stepmother would usually choose a romantic comedy that I didn't like because I was very cynical teenager and somehow being a cynical teenager. I still chose to see L. I was like let's go see L. I've heard that it's good and for like a holiday movie, you know, maybe. But like I feel like nobody in my family enjoyed it. And then like we were really quiet in the way home. And I feel like everybody feel like my parents didn't like it. My sister. My little sister says she liked it. But she didn't seem to at the time. And I felt like everybody blamed me like they didn't like the movie, and they blamed me, and I remember being like being sixteen being like, this is so stupid. So I didn't really think anything of it until a couple years later. It's also probably worth mentioning that. I grew up Jewish. So a lot of holiday movies, although I was actually in a Christmas movie, and at one point in my life, and one thing I've got to say is if you ever have the chance to be a Christmas movie or sing Christmas song or something like that go for it. Because even if it's bad they need stuff to like fill the air on TV and radio, even if it's terrible do it, and you will still make money. It is a very practical thing working in a Christmas working in the Christmas industry. You can say is a very very that is a very pragmatic move. So I didn't think much although I did see the Broadway musical a couple years ago because I was babysitting in New York and the kids I babysat their parents worked for for theaters. And so we got front row tickets to elf the musical had like, you know, you can think that like will Ferrell does a lot in this movie. But imagine the actor who had to play buddy for two our straight. It's like there is an intermission and sing and dance. The whole frigging time like that guy. That guy's amazing. I wish I could remember his name. I still an all of that guy. And not only that. But the kids I was babysitting. What they were all dressed up to go to the and they were sitting in the front row with me. And at the end, he bowed any bowed, and he waved right at the kid that was one of the kids who was like front row center. So like that guy has my heart forever. Like like will Farrell. You're great. But like, this is the true, buddy. Head. But I watched it again the other day, and it's not my favorite movie, and it's on my favorite Christmas movie. But I was like, okay, I get what they were going for. Now. I'm not like, I'm not as cynical teenager anymore..

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