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Do not have to prove that the vaccine is effective. We already know it's effective and we already have what's called a correlate of protection. So instead of studying 40,000 adults, they'll look at a smaller sample of Children. At Seattle Children's It's less than 100 Visor says it expects to have initial trial results in September for the 6 to 11 year olds. Another Covid vaccine may soon be available in the U. S. Novak says late stage trials of its Covid 19 vaccine candidate where more than 90% effective against the virus, including variants. CBS's Diane King. Hall says the company expects to file for emergency use authorization in the coming months. Overseas. Britain's prime minister has decided not to lift all covid restrictions as a strain of coronavirus first detected in India is spreading. They're just too fast. President Biden's first in person meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin is set to take place on Wednesday in Geneva. I'm Stephen Portnoy. The president has vowed to press Vladimir Putin here in Geneva on Ukraine. Ukrainians have a strong belief that Joe Biden Has their back Andre Lucien. It's key leads the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland. Since the war has begun in Ukraine. You have more than 14,000 dead, and the government says a million and a half people have been displaced. The president has stopped short of backing Ukraine's bid to join NATO despite the renewed urging of his counterpart in Kiev, But Mr Biden has invited Vladimir Zelensky to the White House this summer. On Wall Street. The Dow is down 248 points. NASDAQ is up 51. Time for Cairo radio. Real time traffic. Here's Emily Martin. Down trees in Puyallup or blocking the westbound 5 12 ramped. Benson Drive east and crews are on the scene. Where can you get everything cleared out of the way, But that issue is causing quite a backup, which starts on South and 167 pretty close to 24th Street East. Alec to rented heading north and on the Valley Freeway at 36 minutes. Federal way to Tacoma. An 18 minute drive running about 10 minutes. Slow slower than usual along that route. Federal way to Bellevue at 30 minutes, Everett to either Bellevue or Seattle at 30 to 35 minute travel time. Viral video. Real time traffic I memory Martin his father's Day show, Dad, how much he matters with the Emeralds. Queen casinos. Father Day feast only at the end between casinos, the entertainment capital of the Northwest. Your Cairo radio forecast calls for.

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