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Broad. Inching have kinked one one classes although they're not mandatory. Do Swinger communities often offer swinger one. Oh, one newbies. Yeah, they're called orgies. Nine. Obviously. Kidding. Yes, I there are there are some resources out there for that sort of thing but more importantly when and I know that there are kink events in lifestyle events in lifts lifestyle events at lifestyle clubs, you get an introduction to the club from a couple that's still that's been there before and it talks about things that matter there particularly things like insent there's also in a lot of places. Some great content provided by the National Coalition for sexual freedom which are no means no. In consent matter signs that a lot of clubs around the country are putting up. So I if it doesn't have a one on one, you have kind of a a sweater. Sherpa they can walk you through how to get around that club, how to interact who'd know what to do, what not to do where to get a drink, and of course, a reminder that no means no. In consent matters the rest of that content for swinger one. Probably falls on our shoulders as content creators to make sure that we're putting stuff out there for people and we put out messaging for people like the National Coalition for sexual freedom to say, Hey, go read up on this. These are people that know what they're talking about that have been educated on it because at the end of the day, a lot of us in the lifestyle content creator space aren't experts we've just been around the block a few times. Except if she's an expert. It's. Not An expert. August. I think that's valid and I think that that's something that might be worth looking into a little bit more I do it does feel like I could be wrong because I'm not I'm so not immersed in it online swear culture in the way that I am immersed in online king culture, but it seems like there's More sharing of experiences in swinger culture and maybe not white as much as Juki Asian. Like when I go search workbooks ask swinging like there's so much like there's a ton of books about kink not quite as many about like how swimming. But. Maybe, it's just they're not being found as well which in and of itself could be potentially an issue like if I go out there and I say how do I swing well, then you have to filter out the things that are like about swings or. And speaking out sick and like. In, is part of the problem maybe it's just more difficult to find them. But. That's something interesting. I do know several people have been talking in the chat about having swinger show up at king venues and maybe they were little hands or what not I actually had that happen at my venue there was. There were two couples that came one night and they seem to be very hansie and so on and so forth and. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a local swinger hadn't been for thirty years and he said Oh they've been kicked out of every swings. Love they've gone to. Exactly, that kind of behavior. So That that could also be thing they still identified swingers though, and so there's there's that know now. Okay. Now they're coming over from, they're seeing if they can get the sex in the place with the Weirdos. Nothing. That's everybody. But you know there is definitely some potential there. Yeah. Okay. Well, we have. Hit our time limit and how wonderful is this you guys have been amazing. I knew you would be. Ryan. Please make sure everybody's links in the chat room. You know. Thank you. Thank you. All you all have So fricking brilliant, and I really hope that those who came in here. You know kind of wondering a little bit about swinging have gotten. A real field for what this is all about from people who are doing this thing as opposed to hey, did you noor about them? They have parties. Yeah. And for those of you who are curious about this as a potential lifestyle, what's lifestyle choice or continuing a life style choice Maybe. You you learned a little bit more than you thought that Oh. There's a few more ways to do this then you thought before. So thank you. Thank you all very much and thank all of you in the chat, the attendees who've chosen to spend this time with us because you know that's a huge honor that is. Part of your afternoon. Thank you. So much. Talk. Work..

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