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The big we will close clear light law what's cool shoes shepherd eligible go to all lawbooks elementary and got no hair in pretty good italy here asia will shoot amount turco but my dad threw people who work with nasa and couple of days after the little landing uh named there a week or so but he gave us pictures uh uh they are strong net famous fakru handler can uh uh hordes with him saturday oh with the reflection of the mountains in the background area shield uhhuh at one signs i noticed go led gave us the pitch looked at the pick up a hilliard said we'll do cook pink asia's is willingly who could bake us as well somebody should be able to shield of the reflection take him to picture how could take a picture like that nobody be a little foxo shield he looked at me is i don't know amass a guy who is tipped workers up remember back to the guy got him from nasa about two weeks later we got pictures of the same photograph with uh although coconut picture and reflection oh interesting and i thought that was something also there's there's got to be some of those pictures out there somewhere laid doctored uh to make it for somebody was taken to pitch which governs the first senior titley also maybe something was wrong but go on from there the though the all those atlanta's had just go four wrapping around the the reason for that was so it would dissipate to the problem was he and kohl uh but you there is no atmosphere into vacuum and so when you're in the sun you're dealing with temperatures over four degrees fahrenheit hung on the back side of it it deal with temperatures to three hundred degrees below zero fahrenheit and so you have such a big difference in temples okay just ill boy does it with factually uh uh because we'll see the difference in temperature you'd fracture the uh.

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