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I went against the grain and i haven't mentioned today score yet on the tri state chevy dealers after being up seventy two that's exactly right the reds eight two seven blow in a pair of five ron weeds five and seventy two and we've been talking about it now for nearly three hours unbelievable yeah it's it's the most interesting thing to me and i said this on cincy three sixty this week on which airs every single weekday noon to one on espn fifteen hosted it while you were off getting engage i appreciate i appreciate what congratulated you on this station congratulations thank you and no sooner did you come back from the west coast you're in northern california mhm service in jacksonville yeah so i was here for like thirty six hours and then we went to jacksonville for five days that out that is the best thing to do when you have a vacation you're going home on back to real world is no you got another vacation coming up no kid i know that from experience it was good but then then the tripled from jacksonville is like all right it's time to get back to the real world you mentioned jacksonville whenever the bengals traveled there went over i went the first move i made was getting down to saint augustine because it's absolutely went there have you saint augustine saint augustine the only thing i spent a whole day they're the only thing i didn't do that i really if i ever go back we'll do is visit the world golf hall of fame in in in saint augustine you can do that yes i i'll be on the beach oldest school building in america went to the light tower the lighthouse the oldest buildings and all of maricopa i saw the yeah i saw the oldest school but yeah we walked around i was about the beach oh yeah oh shannon and stuff i can't get anywhere else you're you're the history buff i'm the reality show on trying to enjoy 'em work on the bengals did stay at a marriott at ponte vedra beach net the pga tour complex arabs awesome yeah but always ran down to saint and i'll never forget the first time i did that i came back ohio state was leading michigan state like twenty four seven i get home back to my room i turn on the tv the buckeyes lose to michigan state at ohio stadium i'll never forget it and the next day jack brennan to the bengals public relations staff put the the score up all over my cubicle the puck ice were up twenty four to seven and lose i'm john cooper glad he did that oh my god rubbed right in your face do not even because i'm anti ohio state just because you're so especially during games man like i said i don't blame you take the bengals away from me and the buckeyes in l curl up in the fetal position really old shot yes you get the reds l the reds yeah oh my god i've c cincinnati by the way fc cincinnati in nashville their match with nashville starting in like four minutes you weigh in real quail we'll see if they can take three on the road there real quick okay the world.

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