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Business. Hope. Any Commercial Prospect, he would need to win a mile a grade one maybe two. which is. That, he was such an outstanding two year old. I think that's. I don't think that carries much weight in terms of. Be Different if he had picked up an injury or something on. We didn't see him as a tree role. What could have be then his first couple of seasons as Being. His book would have been full. You know a lot of people consider him that he hasn't really gone. Scaled scale, the dizzy heights city promises a two year old Yes, but he definitely needs to win over a mile, and maybe further and there is. There's a big focus as well from some breeders that there is too much emphasis on speed that it's become too focused on on fast horses, precocious sources, and then they're falling off, then is going to training so it look it'll be interesting to see what happens with them. I thas anybody breed of horse that like like syphilis to win a July Cup for. Yeah? I. I suppose kind of fall into. It felt they some of these sources. It's like Oh, he doesn't get trump back. It, depends on the type of force isn't like a waste. This dream was a sprinter and he was a proper sprinter. And Schwab. was proper sprinter as well, but she was an Australian horse. Breed them for it I. Don't think over here a lot of time. I think it happens more by fault and design. US Navy fly would be a good example. He didn't quite get the models for the dropped back in trip, and then said thanks very much. We'll take that you like now. We're retired. Kate. So are you know just just to pick up earlier? Point Navarrese just saying about a your your opinion on Chamois. Dolls just not to draw back, will, would you? What distance would you sort to say? You'd like your shamet avery for over a mile. WOULD THAT BE? On Delia like from like well I suppose. Erc Lights Shine Madonna as well. I think last year to two year old. They had a rake zero, didn't they? Get Dolphin under, all Shama dowse. I am I suppose when you look like a lot of his progeny, ard seemed to be six and seven furlong horses, especially, the younger ones I am. I just obviously Earth Lice Skardu disappointed the weekend. I think he's Shammas. Well I would just I. Don't think there's any issue of Pinatubo over a mile. I just think that William Buick wasn't wasn't as good on a maybe as he could have been into races seen Miami is that the mile stretches him. He is a very very high class resource, but if you try to get eight furlongs, he's not able.

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