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What's happening. Guys happy friday and thank you for joining another special episode of your welcome soap. I spoke chris deep amyotrophic. I wanna play that discussion and then i want to break it down for you guys. Let's play steve bay. I accept no responsibility for this. There is no way to know that ohio is on the east coast. We send your nice guy. Why i'm doing this to your great guy. Thank ski bunny. Hey i gotta tell you let me get right into first off. Congratulations are in order second off a happy. Birthday is an order so let me start with that means a lot. Thank appreciate that all right steve. I saw the movie. I bought a ticket. I watched the whole thing but there's a couple of things i can't connect the dots so please allow me as a fan. Let me start at the beginning. You came in at two hundred and thirty pounds. Why was that a strategy or is that just what you ways where wave on honestly i my wife. Was i feeding me out leading good evening. Good eating a ton of food. I was drinking the tunnel. I was doing the right things and just just lost. The late. Honestly wasn't like trying to just. I couldn't keep <music> honestly and it was really summer too. I'll definitely sweating a lot more than i usually do one of the things that was most impressive. Well let me stay on the wait just for a second stay because there's it's actually something that just came out yesterday came out from the california commission about you showing a lot of people don't know but in california you have to weigh in the day that you show up as well you can't tale that way in but they still take note of that way and it appeared that daniel cormie cut some weight to come to your way in because he had gained eight pounds overnight which heavyweights they usually don't do how does the same thing so. He can only thirteen or fourteen thousand from the day after okay so we get through the way the very first round now. I have to imagine that anything that could go wrong did go wrong as far as you playing the fight through in your head for the last year my terrible definitely so how. How did you stop yourself from being frustrated. When i saw you get picked up and taken down held down to the bottom okay steep is going to get up. He's going to be exhausted. This fight is going to be different and it's against st pay but somehow you regrouped yeah and then i i the best coaches in the world. Do they put me through hell so it wasn't for them. I wouldn't be where i'm at today. Honestly a aw whether the storm and it's it's a five five is not just not five minutes is twenty five minutes okay and what about when you gotta take down of your own over daniel. That must have been a bit of the confidence boost. Oh definitely was yeah definitely was i. It was just tough man you know at that point revolt use real sway so it's hard to hold on to them than you know him a little bit and then he got up.

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