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Five making sure we help society in for people who make the best decisions for themselves or their families are not do a by protecting against these mandates. Be sure that's done. Based on people. I believe is best for them and their families but not something. That's impose eater my government for some respects by our own private governor onto santa's talking about the mandates from all different angles. Now because the we'll get to this in a second but the school mask mandate that's back on again now so that goes round and round. It doesn't look like it's gonna stop anytime soon. But he's talking about private entities. Now not letting you basically function in society unless you have Vaccine passport basically. What is comes down to any starting to the tone is changing with him. Now he's mad. He was mad before dinner now. He's taking this approach by the horns. I think he's really gonna fight if you didn't see that before by the way good morning jen's off today. She's back tomorrow diners here. I think jen's working on the three day workweek by the way yet did reverse what i did at the beginning of the week. That was the plan. yes for her. She knows how to do it. I well you know. We learned from the master carrots. Got more news for you. Coming up there diener I'm bill you know he. It's as far as the school mask. Mandate thing goes on. This is the we'll just the update on this thing. Okay so. This is the update from tallahassee. Yesterday schools florida the defied. The order by the governor kept mask mandates in place had been doing it the whole time like palm beach and broward counties. Continue to do so for now. And that's the key word is now because this may change again because it goes through the appeals process again. I don't know what you'd even tell parents who are still in public schools. Just keep a mask in your back pocket. Even if they strike down the mandates a you know what. I was surprised about bill in my own personal life talking to family and we always go back and forth family and i mentioned any specific names but family and i always kind of well. We argue back and forth about masks vaccines and this and that and it just gets exhausting. And i couldn't believe it. I actually had to explain to them. That kids are being forced to wear masks in school. Yeah in in floor. I mean definitely in palm beach. County and the tri county area. Really and in some other counties north as well and like no other. Not what do you mean. Yes the all they are. Absolutely what do you mean. Have you not seen the lawsuits. Have you not seen santa's coming out every day and the school board meetings people fighting like where have you been. This is happening. it's ridiculous we'll focus on palm beach and broward miami dade counties. He you know the big three down here. But it's eleven county. It's eleven school districts in the state that still 'cause it's gonna it's gonna the pendulum swing again back the other way they face losing funding. Keep going back to this. They're playing with fight. You're playing chicken with your district's funding at some point. Where do the voters parents. And all of these counties step back and go. You're risking our funding and yet every one of them. I guarantee it. Because there's never been school district as a lot more money..

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