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That's not terrible. That's not the basically gave up there. They gave up their second in their twenty twenty third. Yeah. And if he eats out to be the long term guy linebacker jump up in the first to take a top ten pick. That's actually kind of cheap. Yeah. They didn't give up another. I know twenty third. Yeah. Oh my God. Wow. That makes me feel even better. Because now the Broncos didn't get Bush, and they didn't get that much. So. Look at the Bengals here at offer. Tackled. Cordy Glenn, Bobby hearten, Kent Perkins. So they they might go tackle. Then you signed heart though, for for these amount of money or no. Oh, yeah. I don't I don't I don't think the Bengals were were expecting to be here at eleven with really only calmer. Kyla Murray taken off of their list? Yeah. Tab twain Haskins staring them in the face. Yeah. Yeah. Heart heart was what three or sixteen million. What was they just signed him and his too stupid contract who three or twenty one million? Three or sixteen million. Either way either way. So we got the Broncos making questionable trades, and we have the raiders already taking questionable people and the chiefs first-round pick. It's a good night. Love love that Bush, though player that is a great. I would have given it to be honest. I would have given up that hall if I need a linebacker. I would've traded up that spots given session third. Yeah. There isn't much after these two, you know..

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