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Caught offside with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. Offside from the west side of Manhattan and gulling J J Davani. What's up rather MC cited should be podcast? Yeah. I know. Lot of good things coming your way, lots of reaction to what was very busy weekend some championship talk. So you I mean, you're tail's wagging. Oh my God. Are you excited? Yes. Some championship talk. Although it's not really specific to the championship. It's more of like big soccer questions. Congratulations. Just in case. We forget to Norwich on Sheffi United v looking places back in the big time Narda irregular the Premier League. They are now the Boeing Boeing Baggies of Norwich and Sheffield United backup after twelve years. Yeah. Should be fun. Having them both back. Couple names. Most permanently fans, obviously, even the newer ones here in the US are at least somewhat familiar with especially like you said Norwich. So. Yeah. And and and yeah, no Billy shark gets his chance to be a top scorer in the top league. Should be fun. We're here right now. So the first leg of Tottenham. I XE Champions League has not kicked off yet. It's like eleven AM right now eastern time, we'll recording this. We will have a lot of people maybe seeing this Tuesday night and be like, oh my God. They're doing one. No, we're going to do. This is a weekend reaction podcast. Plus, we're gonna speak with crystal done of the US women's. National team that should be fun. We're gonna talk to her coming up a little bit later on in the podcast are Champions League. Recaps as per usual will be out Wednesday night, probably somewhere around nine o'clock. So we're just doing the Monday podcast on Tuesday Tuesday. Yeah. Nothing about this is confusing. It all it's all very don't. Like the fact we don't have a rigid schedule. Well, my I had one question for you before we will do a little bit of Champions League previewing. But my first question for you about that. Oh, is do I go DVR method shut myself off from reality? Yep. I oh. Well, no, you have a choice. It's the first leg. Still one of the biggest games that I have ever witnessed for this clause. The biggest game out. I point out lane. Biggest game in north London. Since arsenal were in the champions. Think I'm gonna try now I will say it makes it difficult for me to do my actual job when I turn my phone off. And don't go on the internet producer for the Michael. Show becomes our to do my work on though. That's yeah..

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