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An affront to the common store of life. The room shadowed. Well with awnings was dark and cool. Daisy jordan lay upon an enormous couch like silver idols weighing down their own white dresses against the singing breeze of the fans. We can't move they said together jordan's fingers powder white over there tan rested for a moment in mind. And mr thomas buchanan the athlete. I enquired simultaneously. I heard his voice gruff muffled husky at the hall telephone. Gatsby stood in the center of the crimson carpet. Engaged around with fascinated is daisy. Watched him laughed her sweet exciting laugh. A tiny gust of power rose from her bosom into the air. The rumor is whispered jordan. That's tom's girl on the telephone. We were silent. The voice in the hall rose. Hi with annoyance very well. Then i won't sell you the car at all. I'm under no obligations to you at all and as for your bothering me about it at lunchtime. I won't stand that at all holding down the receiver said daisy cynically. No he's not assured her. It's a bona fide deal. I happen to know about it. Tom flung open the door blocked out. Its space for a moment with thick body and hurried into the room mr gatsby. He put out his broad flat hand with well concealed dislike. I'm glad to see you sir. Nick make us a cold drink. Cry daisy the room again. She got up and went over to gatsby and put his face down kissing him on the mouth. You know i love you she murmured you forget. There's a lady present. Said jordan looked around out fully. You kiss nick to what a low vulgar girl. I don't care cry daisy and began clog on the brick fireplace. Then she remembered the heat and sat down guilty on the couch. Just as a freshly laundered nurse leading a little girl came into the room blessed precious. She crooned holding out her arms. Come to your own mother. That loves you. The child relinquished by the nurse rushed across the room and rooted shyly into her mother's dress. The blessed precious did mother get powder on your old yellow hair. Stand up now and say how do gatsby. An i in turn leaned small reluctant hand afterward. He kept looking at the child with surprise. I don't think he ever really believed in its existence before i got dressed before luncheon said the child turning eagerly to daisy. That's because your mother wanted to show you off her face bent into the single wrinkle of the small white neck. You dream you absolute little dream. Yes admitted the child calmly in jordan's got on a white dress to. How do you like mother's friends. Daisy turned her around so that she faced gatsby. Do you think pretty. where's daddy. She doesn't look like her father. Explain daisy she looks like me. She's got my hair and shape of the face. Daisy sat back upon the couch. The nurse took a step forward and held out her hand. Come pammy goodbye sweetheart. With a reluctant backward glance the well disciplined child held to her nurses hand and was pulled out the door just as tom came back. Preceding four jin. Ricky's that clicked full of ice. Gatsby took up his drink. They certainly look cool. He said with visible tension. We drank in long greedy swallows. I read somewhere that the sons getting hotter every year said tom genially. It seems that pretty soon the earth's going to fall into the sun or wait a minute. It's just the opposite. The sons getting colder every year. That come outside. He's adjusted to gatsby..

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