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For former proud boys chairman Enrique Terrio China's open for business that's the message from a top Biden administration official speaking in Shanghai Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says that US companies want to do business with fishing but need a level playing field I've spent the past three days meeting with US business leaders that haven't seen a commerce secretary in person on the ground in China for more than five years Secretary Raimondo called meetings in China very productive Russian officials are accusing Ukraine of launching what appears to be the biggest nighttime drone attack on Russian soil since the war began 18 months ago drones hit an airport in Russia near the border with Estonia and Latvia early today meanwhile the Kremlin's forces hit Kiev with what Ukrainian officials called a massive combined attack that killed two people live from the Bloomberg interactive broker broker studios this is global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2 ,700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries I'm Michael Barr this is Bloomberg Tom Paul Michael Barr thanks so much Paul Sweeney countdown billion -dollar down now maybe not Oppenheimer 700 million dollars and I mean on a global basis are they sitting there in Hollywood framing out I think we could do a history on nuclear energy no exactly no one got this right one got this they did get a great cast together Killian Murphy who's so these days and a great cast but it just there I'm guessing they had some big -time producer behind this the shepherd of this thing through Hollywood just twisted some arms and just said hey we're gonna get this thing done here out X number of weeks without the fanfare of beach cannon Barbie is Oppenheimer can they find another 250 million dollars of revenue to get to the big B probably not Probably not you know used to be that China would push you over that level, but I don't think the China market is as open as it was pre -pandemic so we'll have to see but note there's still a monster number and the real question Is you know then some of the a -list actors did they get points on the back of this thing? Because you know the studio property offered it up because they This didn't see kind of box office by demand of popular came we now turn to the Bloomberg surveillance suggestion correspondent On the edge of London the city had this the cameras John Tucker our congestion Responded, but they're not like at the Lincoln Tunnel counting cars work. They're over by the Deutsche Bank Center, which I still call the Time Warner Center. Yep. It's 60th and Columbus Circle Cameras are lined up so I could give am I right John nine dollars a day. Oh, I Don't know this is the congestion pricing. Yeah, London referred to has both congestion and now polluting vehicle Stuff in but the cameras are now the cameras are placing of this Of third Avenue go up and see it and say hi to it Nine dollars a day. It's gonna be onerous Michael Barr. I'm gonna pay. No, we're all gonna. I'm Talking somewhere in expenses for you. I'm working on it. We're expenses and nine dollars a day 20 days a week. I know $180 trucks that deliver that's gonna be passed on to you in terms of like higher I had no idea was nine dollars. That's like ginormous it is a report Our from congestion correspondent, this is Bloomberg when news breaks across the globe Bloomberg Radio is there from Asia? We are officially in deflation and China to Europe UK economy grew more Strongly than expected in the second quarter and anywhere in the world news happen slim back Sam Murray on the ground in The 20th Bloomberg's Steven Engle has the latest from Hong Kong joining us from Bangkok Bloomberg chief international correspondent has Bloomberg's Greg Sullivan begins our global team coverage from Budapest Bloomberg Radio everywhere this is the story of a very special woman just a few knew about her superpowers in a matter of seconds she turned herself into a great mathematician she created as a regular person at work but as a superhero at home everyone knows her as Gabriella I still call her mom your hero needs you now and AARP is here to help find the care guides you need to help complete with tips and resources at AARP .org slash brought to you by AARP and the ad console. You've heard the phrase the voice of experience

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