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So I do have a he changed your title today. I've in here. I just heard the very tail end of my faithful sidekick faithful Mr. the trustee back all the years. I don't know what what's what's up? Just call. You old faithful? Oh. You thought of that all by yourself? Just came to you right there. I heard that promo. Well, if it works old faithfuls been working for a long time, I hope to keep doing the same. All right. Let's talk money first second. Okay. I was kinda surprised on one hand and not surprised on the other hand about the some information. You included in the winners and losers section of the newsletter this week. It's been awhile since I bought a car, and I was surprised that the average interest rate in March hit a ten year high with at six point three six percent on auto loan. No auto loans, new car, look, right user, that's high and while that's oppression. Right, right. To have been going up for a year. Well, I haven't been in the Marcus. Okay. Asked me about money factors. Maybe I can get there. But and as you've been saying, this is the not surprise part you've been saying for weeks, maybe a couple of three months now that zero percent as an incentive was going away. It was getting harder and harder to find because interest rates for.

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