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Still on the board so Chris like I said. I don't think either of us were really expecting Andrew Thomas. It seems like all this work we did and we put in here. We were talking and saying it's going to be Isaiah Simmons. It's going to be worse. It's going to be wills maybe MCI Beck and I feel like we never dawned on us to talk about Andrew Thomas but apparently all this time Thomas was their number one guy and they liked worse. But Thomas just trumped everything out of all. They looked like they were trying to make a trade and they were they were going down to the final seconds there on the clock but ended up. Going with Andrew Thomson surprised us a little bit. Yeah from what we heard and what the smoke signals seem to be as the giants were trying to work a trade. Their preferred move was to trade back amass a little bit more draft capital. We kind of heard that they were working trying to work something out with the Carolina Panthers as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars. That was a little bit earlier. Rumor there was some truth to that but turns out. The trae didn't happen so the giants went with Andrew. Thomas and I think the reason we We kept drifting off of him is he is the safest of the top four tackles. He has the highest floor. He doesn't quite have the ceiling of the other is. But he's played both sides. He's played well at both sides. His feet are good enough. He's got really long arms yup over thirty six inch arms which is kind of ridiculous and you know we do know. Dave gettleman loves him. Some long armed is yet he has. He has a good ability in the run game. He can pass protect. Well does have some things to clean up particularly against particularly fast or particularly powerful pass rushers but he has a nice high floor. He doesn't have the ceiling of wharfs or becton but he's a much safer pick than those guys which considering where the giants are really shouldn't be that much of surprise they went with the Safe Guy. Interesting to look at Andrew Thomas and who is prospect? You talk about that arm. Lengthy six five three thirteen thirty six in eighth INCH ARMS. Ten and a fourth inch hands really. Just a big bodied guy is in terms of the prototypical traits. You want in an offensive. Tackle is the extreme of that in less. You're talking about MCI. Becton he has one of the the largest dimensions for an offensive tackle at the NFL. Combine is forty. Time was not really that jaw dropping but for a tackle doesn't really mean that much five to two twenty one bench reps pretty good for long arms like that. Thirty and a half inch vertical. A hundred and six inches on the broad jump seven point five eight three cone in the short shuttle. I thought was pretty good for six six. So very technically sound guy. Though you you talked about some of the stuff that he really brings to the table is just very technically sound and he can step in and start right away. I think that we're things Kinda get a little bit mixed up here. Is that if you have nate? Solder as you're likely and confirmed left tackle. Can we assume that Andrew Thomas will just easily make that transition to right? Because that's not always the case we look at least new with wills or worse. We were getting a right tackle with the giants. But but Andrew Thomas can you really make that prediction that he's GonNa just seamlessly slide on over to right tackle? Yeah he has played right tackle before he started as right tackle as a freshman and he did play well then but that was also a couple of years ago and yet the off season. This year is just weird. We don't have. The giants are starting their virtual off season. We don't know when and how the players will get to work with coaches what camp will look like. So do you move him over to right tackle or do you leave him at left? Tackle a position that is at least more immediately familiar. That might have a little bit shorter learning curve for him but then also ask nate solder to transition over to right tackle. So that question in of itself why I was kind of leaning towards wills or wirth's just because you could slot them in at right tackle right away. They don't have to learn or relearn any different techniques or basically. Do the mirror switch from left to right with their hands and feet. That's the giants are going to have to figure out. Fortunately Thomas is a he is experienced. He does have good technique coming out and really he's going to need it. 'cause wallet draft was going on. I went through and looked at the giants schedule coming up. And Thomas GonNa go through a trial by fire. The giants are going to face. A lot of good pass rushers. They're eight separate teams with double digit sack producers nine individual wt sack producers that are going to face and a total of three hundred and fifty four and a half sacks last year. We're GONNA find out right away if Andrew Thomas is the real deal and I think if you consider what we talked about this whole time during the off season the pick makes sense We were not predicting this we. He wasn't even a guy that we really thought was in the conversation. I talked about earlier in the show. But if you consider everything that we talked about early on during or actually not early on recently with the issues with Cova nineteen incur virus and the limitations that the NFL had to put down on themselves and not allowing the ability to host prospects and go to produce it makes sense why they went with Andrew. Thomas you talked about him. Being the safer pick he seems like the safer guy in the cleanest guy on tape. And you don't really have to worry about in potentially not translating as cleanly he doesn't have the highest ceiling out of the group but he can step in and start to easiest out of out of the other tackles that were drafted in the first round. So if you think about it in that sense that we talked about how. This year's draft is going to be a lot more based on film rather than the workouts and he wasn't the workout warrior like Tristan wharfs and MCI BECTON. But he did end up having the best tape. And that was what the evaluation came down to and Dave gettleman even said that. He said that they're relying a lot more on tape than they typically are so it ends up coming down to that. That's why Andrew Thomas ended up becoming the guy so round two is going to be coming around tomorrow for us to see what direction they'll be going in. Is that when they decide to go with defense in pick up? Some playmakers in some weapons. There's a lot of really talented guys still left on the board before we talk about them. We're getting a very short commercial break. Surprisingly there's a ton of players still left on the board for the giants to select at thirty six overall depending on if they trade back or up or if they stay in that spot or not. There's a lot of guys that we talked about his first round players that we were praying that fell to the giants now. Cesar release was one of those guys that we were hoping fell to the giants. He is no longer on the board. However there's a lot of really good options that you you've put out here for US Chris. Yeah you know when we did our consensus big board. We got some five five. I won't say criticisms at least questions about how many I or I slash second round fringe first round grades. We gave out Wind up with thirty five total but now you can see why. We gave out so many first round grades. This is just a remarkably deep draft particularly at the offensive tackle wide receiver positions. Really we are getting into the meat of the draft there. There is going to be so much valuable available in the second and third rounds if we say. The giants have addressed the offensive side of the ball. Now they're now they go to the defense got Gross maddow's out of Penn State Defensive End Zach bond linebacker slash edge out of Wisconsin Grant Dell a safety at Lsu Jeremy Chin safety out of southern Illinois also Doug still on the on. The Board Xavier mckinney still on the board Antoine Winfield still on the board. Atf AN ESA is still on the board. There are a bunch of really good defensive players just sitting there and at least one of them is going to be available when the giants pick assuming they don't move also giants could double dipping. Get another offensive Lineman cushenberry. The third is on the Board Matt. Hennessy is on the board them. Got Again the receivers. Levinsky Chenault is still there out of Colorado Got Denzel mims out of Baylor Michael Pittman out of USC if the giants WanNa add speed K. J. Hamblur out of Penn state and I haven't even gone over my head with the board open yet. That's just off the top of my head. Also t higgins. Is there at Clemson? The the number of really good receivers still available is pretty impressive. Now the question is can the giants afford to wait on those receivers for the third round the end of the third round? Could they move back and possibly get the high third round pick? They are missing that they used to trade for Leonard Williams by looking at our board. You can see even if they moved back a little bit. There are going to be good players available if they stay right where they are. You talked about all of these defensive players and that's really catches my eyes. Gross MOTTOS WOULD FILL. Anita's an edge. Rusher Zach Bond. Is the one that we're really going to be eyeing here for. A potential option for them coming around the bend here in the second second round. If he's still available at thirty six I think the giants would be a static to to select Zach Bonner guy that they probably graded as a first rounder and has positional versatility and could fit. Well with what the giants need. They need a guy that has that past experience but then could use him as an off ball outside linebacker in this new multiple four three scheme that they're going to be coming up with Patrick Graham. So there's plenty of options for them to go with to go defense in the second round and then do they clean themselves up with taking a center like Matt Hennessy. In the third order they go receiver. There're a lot of options for them to go here and honestly taking Andrew Thomas Fills. That need is the first time in a while that they've spent a high draft pick on an offensive. Lineman. And now we're in a position for the giants to still take a really really talented. Yeah this is a very deep draft class at a number of positions and they can still go out there and take someone that is going to come in and step in and likely start in contribute at.

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