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Like what the hawks have done where they have so many capable wings that they can throw at you and I think that's when it was a big key to their success last year. Obviously everyone's gonna struggle with this year, but yeah, I'm gonna go cam reddish here. I like it a lot. Yeah, he's shooting under 30% on mid range jumpers and nearly 40% on threes. So I think the thing for him is and this is a lot to say about the system and the situation that he's in and it's like, it's not the easiest thing in the world to get a rhythm as an offensive player and particularly as someone who's asked to score on that team right now. There's so many mouths to feed and the guy who sets the table is their leading score and one of the highest scorers in the entire league. So it's just a difficult situation he's making the most of it. The athleticism and the upside and I would not, man, it's tough 'cause everyone talks about how they need to trade one of these guys, cam, hunter, they already signed her, and I wouldn't want to trade any of them. I'm just like, I don't want to take that chance either. I don't want to take that chance either. I'm with you. I'm riding it out with those guys for as long as I can. So that's just going to be really interesting. I do want to tell a quick camera story. I don't think I have on the pod. But an extremely quiet him and Deandre hunter, both from Philly, best friends on the team, super quiet, except when they talk to each other is what I was told by everybody. And when I spoke to cam, he was very quiet. I asked him a certain question that I don't believe I can share on the pod unfortunately, but their PR guy told me that he had never heard cam as loud responding to my question in all of his time around him. So that was fun. I got a rise out of him. All good natured, but he got very excited when I asked him a certain question about the great story to hear with absolutely zero context or details. I know. I'm sorry. Thank you for that. I try to give what I can, you know? That's what I try to do. Okay, so I'm up with sometimes it's sometimes it's better not to give it all, you know? It's all just exactly. You understand. Yeah. Okay. This is, okay, I'm looking at the pool here. I'm really nervous that we're just gonna totally whip on somebody. Looking at the pool or looking at pool. Oh, touche. I mean, both to be honest with you. I'm considering that. I also, like, I would have maybe I have Kelvin Johnson, but he's kind of down on my board, not because I don't like him, but yeah, we're definitely gonna miss someone and some fan base is gonna hate us forever. So that'll be fun. Man, I know who you wanna take at number 11. You do. Yeah. There's someone I wanna take, but I'm not taking them yet. I'll tell you that right now..

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