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The the the the what he allows them to make fun of in the show is absolutely amazing and the the two main characters who play the writers are fantastic and it's just a really funny show about exactly you're saying is taking a show from another country that bringing to american forget it up on that note of uh matt leblanc playing being excellent playing himself i told you about this off air a little while ago but it seems up this hidden gem thing is getting a lot info for these people to give you a lot to watch where give me a lot wiser i'm going to give i'm gonna give you an assignment okay uh from a competing streaming source o n s on sold jeanclaude van john useful about this with as you want it i started watching a so what's that the pilot episode came out in two thousand seventeen or something the amazon does they'll do like one pilot ride ran then and then if that is the never eggs as the performance they how many views and stuff again so it's a six episode minisers basically like one really long movie it's it's like two and a half hours because all the episodes are half an allows china that against you hours and forty minutes or whatever it runs runs at altogether but john club and johnson is junk led damn today playing jeanclaude vandamme a retired sort of hack no one cares about this guy anymore as little bit out of shape not fat but will but attaches definitely older doesn't have the same cash as he used to no one knows who he is uh he wants to get back into the game in the game is moviemaking but what's interesting about it is that you find out that the movie the movie sets that he's on art serve tactically put into places where this agency needs operatives for espionage real governmental agencies real eight yet israel agency that needs.

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