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Wireless access what's there to be happy about a clams. All like all. I'm so happy. I didn't get turned into New England clam chowder today, pronounce regionally as touto tall. Aw, that's so fun to say. What were we talking about? Again, gyco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Real pleasure joined by Tom baron, juries starve a new film called American dress roots. You'll be in theaters of timber, twenty first, Tom, thanks for the time today. Sinophile we'll thank you. We'll get into the film in just a second which I just watched last night. But listen, I tell people, I'm talking to Tom Barringer what do they talk about? One of the greatest films of all time, and you're brilliant performance in platoon for my money. It's my favorite war movie. And your performance still endures? We had Willem Dafoe on the podcast last year and he said the last time he saw the film. All thought of it was you ease Thompson forms, released it out to me. So I'm just curious. What are your remembrance of the film when you think about the tomb? What comes to mind for you? Oh, well, that's it's all still pretty vivid to me. I think I, I remember almost every scene. I can't remember all the lines are some people that do. But well, you know, like keys, he, you know, he and I never really had a scene together input on less. I was dressing the entire two. We never had a one on one through the whole film, and and then here we are doing this one so many years later together and we're playing to Vietnam army. That's. Which is interesting. He was the last guy I saw in the Philippines before I left went home. Everybody else was gone. And I went down had a beer with them as room. I heard he was still at the hotel, say goodbye and then that was it headed home the next morning. That's very cool. How that all comes full circle. Know you mentioned certain scenes or certain lines you may not remember, but the see that I think is so compelling where you say to those guys, try, she them them, like, y'all think this blank is reality. I am reality. Remember that scene specifically? Yep. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I, I celebrated. Could I have Christmas lights behind my goes. Yeah. Yeah, that's good. Don't worry about. Yeah, that's fine. Okay. That's where I like to say that line. That seems some. I met waiter one time. He said, I, I'm acting class. I did that seem I went. An acting class goes, yeah. Wow, that's kinda cool. It's a good theater piece. You're right. Could you that as a monologue and how did you find work with all restored? I mean, we know what a giant of cinema is now, but how did you find him there onset? I loved it. I mean, I thought it was great that he was bet on you when I read it, I told my agent, I go, this guy is a bad, isn't it? I mean, it sounds like he was really there, which is, yeah. Is driven grunt. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So I think that really helps a lot, but you know, Oliver's he's, he's kinda like our Hemingway. I think anyway. I see a lot of Hemingway in hip. What respect masculine man of action, that kind of stuff. Yes, yes. And he, he actually, he's, he's lived it. You know what I mean? I mean, his Wall Street is dad was a Wall Street broker. In New York. So it's like he knows a lot of the ground that he's writing about. Now we're gonna see if all can box and how can fish. That's our next goal. Big game in Africa. Exactly. We're talk with Tom Barringer is new films called American dress, encourage everyone..

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