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That is all all right. During the journal Sentinel the other day, the Wauwatosa police departments. He's extraordinary turnover. The Wauwatosa Police department is short 21 sworn officers after a tumultuous year that saw high profile fatal shooting by a police officer, a mass shooting that would be at Mayfair. Civil unrest, citywide curfews overall 17 employees of the department left between May 2020 and June 2021 from 2018. Through 2021. The department hired 28 new officers of those 28 only 19 are still with the department. Um, most Most you know, left to take jobs at other law enforcement agencies, but but they bailed on on Wauwatosa. Currently, the department has 90 sworn officers. It's budgeted for 100 of those 90 Only 79 are currently working. A couple are injured couple are on family medical leave. One is deployed. So you have you have a police officer shortage? To which my first comment is no kidding. No kidding. I mean, you look at what is going on in Wauwatosa. You look at the abuse The Wauwatosa police have had to take you look at some of these demonstrations and and whether it's not unique to Wauwatosa. Whether in Wauwatosa where you have some of the over the course of the year, A number of the protesters were following this tactic that you saw in Cannes Ocean you've seen elsewhere. Of trying to bait the police, You know, just standing there screaming at the police officers, seeing if you can entice them to again act in an inappropriate way that is then captured on videotape and then becomes the latest cause celeb. But you see the abuse these officers is subjected to you see the physical stresses and dangers that they are put through on a daily basis. And I'm not surprised threw down as many officers as they are. I'm actually maybe a little bit surprised that they're not down more. And it all keeps coming back to the same overarching concept, which is Who wants to be a police officer anymore. Our number 85561616 20 that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line. It was always in the past. The police officers. Being a police officer wasn't for everybody. But being a police officer was sort of a noble profession and police officers in general were treated with a degree of respect. And there were difficult and challenging and stresses of the job. But again, you you were treated with respect. You were treated with dignity. Um, nowadays, a lot of that's changed. I mean, a lot of that has changed, and you see in many, particularly urban areas, you have some members of the community. Not all but some who view the police as an occupying force, whose Go around with the idea of Let's Let's see if we can provoke the police. Let's see if we can provide. Let's see if we can do something that's going to cause a police officer to act out. You know, police officers are going to be second guessed on on a regular basis you face your you know, you face a potentially life threatening Task situation and you know your your actions. Whatever you do, are going to be scrutinized. And you know that there's going to be a certain segment of the community who's going to rush out and criticize. Look at what happened in Minneapolis a couple days ago, you have a fugitive who's a subject of a state local federal task force operation. He gets in a shootout with U. S marshals and without knowing any of the facts at all immediately, you have dozens and dozens of the usual suspects who come out and riot. Her number is 85561616 20. That's the accident mortgage talking text line Who wants to be a police officer nowadays and if we're going to have that next generation of police officers Don't we need to do more to try to support our police? Which isn't saying that you don't criticize the police officer when they made a mistake, or you don't prosecute a police officer when they have committed a crime, But right now, would you encourage your kid to go into law enforcement? Would you encourage your grandkids to go into law enforcement 85561616 20 we discuss The only place to hear about Janice.

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