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At a detective assigned to the elite narcotics team was arrested for hiding one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in stolen by colleague. So there's your starting to get into that corrupt cop type stuff. Yeah, it started to change the narrative of what possibly could have happened. Now that to me is very believable You've seen this play out in a lot of big cities across the country I think of the. TR-. Yeah, the movies, but I mean even actual documentaries I can't remember the name of it now, but it. It follows these cops in new. York City I think in the eighties and similar kind of stuff they would steal money off of. Criminals during arrests. They were selling drugs and. All this kind of stuff and so. I can definitely. See something like that one possible theory to what happened to him. He got mixed up with the wrong people, and maybe he went to meet someone in. The Punch Bowl. And House went south and now he's. Missing all right well I'M GONNA. Keep going. Don't don't don't so. It shut just yet, Mike. You hear a lot more information. Okay, then I wanna I wanNA get a raw. Read from you before I tell you what I think right a few days after John Vanish, a woman linked to antelope. Outlaw bikers called the sheriff's Department to report. She'd heard that John had come across a meth lab and was taken care of quote unquote. Then a tip came in from an informant who said a biker dealer claim that. After the deputy discovered something on his job, he was going to be a hero and was taken care of before being put in a whole. Okay separate investigations by the FBI by Sheriff's Homicide Detective in Operation Silent Thunder Drug Task Force which John had been part of turned up similar intelligence years later. John's former boss Mike. Bauer began to suspect that a different deputy. Someone who's now retired had murdered John. There were plenty of stories, but none were confirmed a woman claimed to know where his body was buried in a man contacted taskforce saying he was present when the deputy was murdered, a third person reported seeing John returned to his truck in the devil's punchbowl parking lot at dusk before walking back out with his backpack in the in the direction of two armed bikers. The witness then heard screaming. Deputy Randall Randall.

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