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I don't believe it go to intel dot com slash you could to learn more for yourself for more complete information about performance and benchmark results visit www dot intel dot com slash benchmarks okay let's have a numbers round i think yes why not i have a good number here five hundred twenty three dollars is an old time high for the average monthly com loan payment in the us if you're buying a new car has now hit an old time 'cau five hundred twenty three dollars i wound that's a lot of money to pay for your car if you month and that's the average than meaner the media saying that's the mean and it is for new 'cause it doesn't that doesn't include people financing used 'cause but if you're buying a new car on average you all paying five hundred twenty three dollars a month which is like rent yeah that is quite a lot i would be interested with the media is just because you could be skewed up where if you have a lot of very expensive car purchases but those a cash i guess that's true i just be curious is there something going on with auto loan defaults right now to aren't rate the default tie come down to full actually almost no old time lows weird but true this is partly a function actually in both of these facts both a function of a decline in subprime lending in in yucai so people with bad credit find it increasingly difficult to buy us people with bad credit also generally often buy cheap because and so you'll getting fewer people buying cheap because because they have bad credit and then the rich people who have good credit not defaulting.

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