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Mike Pompeo says the Trump administration is doing everything it can to get them released on that list is Princeton graduate student. She who Awang he was detained more than two years ago while conducting research in Tehran and was sentenced to ten years in prison. His wife what you continues to press for his release. She spoke recently with the world's Marco werman. What you thanks for being here. Your husband's case seems to kinda fallen under the radar now is the Trump administration doing all it can in your opinion to secure your husband's release. They're helping us. But then very concerned that there are such an impasse in the Iran, US dialogue, and the prospects. For resuming a direct talk is still pretty low. The US government is such high bar to engage, Iran, etc. Dialogue. But to me is my husband. My husband's situation is a humanitarian situation is a tragedy a tragedy, and he is released should be retreated as a humanitarian necessity. I mean apart from any political or security talks were lack of any such talks. My family does not deserve to be caught up in what politics and she should not be treated as a diplomatic porn political porn now. I know you're organizing call to action. What exactly are you doing? Where mounting a national campaign. We're calling upon other universities to join our campaign to show support to she'll wanna raise awareness of the plight of ham and the toes where go you thorough and then as a family and as of today y'all and the university of Washington have confirmed they will hold satellite events later this month and on Wednesday February twentieth. President community will gather that to call our congress people and also the rally to hold a candlelight lead, y'all. Just to to China the energy to call for days. So you've got supportive. Princeton Yale University of Washington, why focused on support from academia. Because my husband's imprisonment is. Anonymous violation of academic freedom and human rights, what happened to my husband could happen to any academic travelling overseas. This is I think in terms of the freedom and also the safety of academics, traveling everywhere. I think I hope what happened to my husband one happened to anyone. In the future. And this is such a grief to the academia community, you sound very frustrated. Yes. Indeed. My son is turning sixteen a few weeks and he hasn't seen his dad for more than half of his young childhood. And my son. He literally fell that his dad one comeback. I just. Just juggling this crisis management on daily basis and also be a single working, mom and. Handling all the parenting challenges. I'm extremely frustrated, but I have to to to stay strong. Because if I. Follow up hard who who can help my husband and family. So I have to stay strong. And and look ahead and take one step at a time. What you the last time? I reporter. It'd be computer spoke with you. You told her about your husband's growing medical issues, both mental and physical as he is detained in Evin prison in Tehran. What news do you have since? Then. He has been almost NSM situation and is. Very worried. And he wanted to come back to us. He wanted to see may deteriorate hasn't seen any photo from me, and it has more than two years, and he is the American civil line who has been detained for the longest time ever since the hostage crisis in seventeen in nineteen Seventy-nine. Are you still indicate with him on the phone? Yes. He can still call me on daily basis. I think that is very important life life. I am. He also wanted to speak to my son, but is very difficult to bring a five year old to form any conversation with an over the over the line at his his dad is very challenging, but they can speak with each other occasionally. I mean, your your son was what two or three when? Yes, when your husband was detained in Iran. I mean, what do you tell your son about his father your husband? He just putting this situation in a fantasy of dungeon dragon castle like fights all of that fantasies, and he draws a lot about a lot of stories you likes drawing and put his daddy in that context. It's all about soldiers ain't Jays and dungeon lake versing. Fires. Pretty innovative could be normal for any five year old lie, but he's I can see a lot of he's processing a lot of difficult information on on his mind, and he is an all out of tensions too. And these toast start in the started burdening him. Well, what you thank you very much for being with us was really good to speak with you. And we wish you good luck. Yeah. Thank you Marco. What you speaking with my colleague Marco werman, her husband, Princeton scholar. She who along is an American citizen who's been imprisoned in Iran for more than two years. Now, let's shift our focus now to India and Pakistan tensions have been rising between the two nuclear-armed neighbours recently, India blames Pakistan for two terrorist attacks in the disputed region of Kashmir nearly fifty Indian troops were killed in a suicide bombing last week and four more in an attack today. The Narang is a nuclear policy expert at MIT, this is the worst terrorist attack in Kashmir in at least the last two decades. And I think especially with prime minister MO the in India facing re election in may, there is a lot of pressure the Indian government to respond now a lot of our listeners are like Kashmir, what the hell is it? Why is this such a sensitive spot? Take take us there and what's going on. So India and Pakistan were partitioned in nineteen forty seven as they were burst from the bridge. Empire and the status of Kashmir. Which is the bordering state was always in question because the instrument of accession of the state of Kashmir to India was denied by Pakistan, and there there have been four wars between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, and there is currently essentially defacto border known as the line of control and a lot of these attacks and a lot of the conflict to India and Pakistan on a day to day basis occurs across the line of control, and that is different from the established international border on the western side of India and the eastern side of Pakistan so getting back to these recent terror attacks India is blaming Pakistan for the attacks. How come interestingly enough Jason Muhammed immediately took credit for it which made India's attribution problem very easy. Jason Muhammed is a militant organization that both the United Nations and India and the United States claims is sponsored by the Pakistan military as a strategic asset. The state to attack India. What makes this particular crisis different and possibly scarier and more lethal the last time there was an attack against Indian security forces prime minister MO the ordered what he called in the Indians called the so-called surgical strike, which was an insertion of special forces across the line of control in retaliation. He has now promised retaliation greater than that. There needs to be some sort of what I call retaliation theater to assuage domestic public opinion, and yet has bang for blood right now and mow the promised a significant retaliation and you'll have to deliver on that. Because he's facing a major reelection campaign in may and the risk is there's a certain amount of retaliation that I think Pakistan would take without risking escalation the question is how much visible missile strikes, for example. I think might force Pakistan to retaliate, and you get into the cycle where the conflict doesn't remain confined to the line of control, but spills over potentially over the international boundary and border. And I think that risk is very low. But you can imagine a scenario where moldy miscalculates and you can get off to the races really quick. Are you concerned enough in this current crisis to think, oh, there could be some sort of nuclear option being fettered? Not yet. I think right now there's still there's a wide berth of potential retaliatory options, especially across a lot of. Control of India and Pakistan, restrict themselves to exchanges across the line of control, then the risk of nuclear escalation is almost zero. But if things get going across the international border and India involves ground forces across the international border. Then I think the risk rises really sharply Sopher. Now, there's a lot of concern about escalation dynamics, and I share those concerns, but there's a long way between where we are today and potentially nuclear escalation and both sides Pakistan will rattle the nuclear saber is India likes to call it. But if the international borders crossed, and I think you have a really sharp rise of potentially conventional conflict that could escalate to nuclear use by Pakistan. So I guess the lesson here is India has to do something. And it doesn't have any good options. That's exactly right. They've been Narang is a nuclear policy expert MIT. He's been talking about the risks of a conflict between India and Pakistan. Thanks vivienne. Thank you. I appreciate it. The president of the Philippines road Rico to Tanta is notorious for making provocative statements and for his vicious war on drugs. His latest proposal. He wants to change the country's name the world's Patrick win. Has that story? The Philippines is named after a guy who never set foot in the Philippines. King Felipe bay. The second also called king Philip ruled Spain through much of the sixteenth century a time when Spain was busy conquering civilizations all around the planet, including one archipelago in Asia home to many diverse societies and people's but the Spanish empire said. Nope, you're all subjects under one ruler. Now, king Felipe bay and this whole island chain became the Philippines. Philippines, because.

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