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And major league baseball players association your your big three coach charles arkley oakley was in the news and it's not good news over tmz is reporting that oakley was gambling in las vegas and he did something that we've all thought about doing allegedly he pulled a hundred dollar chip off the bet that he had already made when he saw that he was going to lose we don't know what game he was playing but we're kind of assuming it was blackjack here's my question for you mr holland's have you ever thought about doing this before dole lie yeah of course you care i mean this is where thing you're being honest when things are getting ugly you're getting ugly okay in vegas or wherever you are and you got your money on that sable you're getting pillaged you're absolutely pillage the first instinct is that go grab it all in coach oakley coach coach you did who we all want to do you notice the got to actually do it wo the casino the guy who probably reported it was like whoa hold on that's that's hopefully right there so he threw bill your delic you'll steve the security guard steve steve we're going to have to go talk to that patriot who just did this with the pets and steve is like let's get some help we get some more i'm not going there by myself the where to get where to get like twelve steve steve steve called for some backup before he went and go talk to oak and they just have all that money when you're losing like within arm's reach their tens of thousands of dollars worth of chips there you just want to grab it and run but i've never ever ever done it and i'm so proud of charles oakley for actually pulling one hundred dollars off his bed i like this is out this is the boss move liked it at summer league by the way i saw your boy russillo walk around and been lions are walking around like a biker gang but while they're walking around a with my agent there are in tied those guys are sitting there gambling playing a game of blackjack and as i'm sitting there watching the players said no i'm not playing anything i watched one of the most i mean disgusting displays of pillaging i'll watch their out they could have just handed their money over to the dealer and it's worse like you said jacoby because you see thousands of dollars on the other side and the deal was like apologize arm starry one two three oh blackjack sorry i mean it was it was disgusting it would discuss the won't tich another table i wouldn't play it and i won't play bigshots russillo it's time to get socially awkward social media is so prevalent in our lives right now and in the laws of nba stars but sometimes it gets very awkward like this jimmy butler is on instagram in someone comments jimmy to spurs what does he do he clicks the heart button next to this ryan holland win coach tom tiptoe talks to jimmy butler about this how does he explain it for one jimmy's gonna jimmy's the guy to probably just own it but like you guys know wanna get outta here he's one of the keep it real players in the nba where he's been through so much in his life he's worked so hard to get there and i understand that when you see one side when nobody's rocking what you and now you're in be allstar everybody's rockin with show so he just a hundred about what's going on like yeah i wanna get outta here jimmy to the spurs i don't mind it in tips knows what he got so i mean hats off to jimmy for keeping it a buck we will never slander jimmy here on jalen jacoby because jimmy butler is one of the few nba players that is part of the illustrious group known as the mini van mafia mafia forever specially jamie i think i think maybe gino believers us up trulia is also part of the mini van mafia of a real minivan a had a real minivan.

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