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Russell Wilson, Jimmer, Jim Morrison discussed on National Championship - Alabama vs. Clemson


Like Jim Morrison. Jim her say, oh, we we have that sound bite because jimmer say absolutely had some money riding on the over. What I didn't understand. So the over was like forty nine. So he said thirty one did he have the team total? You might have the team total. And I'm not sure, but I think he had the colts at I think the team total was thirty and a half. And he flat out admitted guys you gotta get thirty one for me. I'm not going to be. But I appreciate it thirty one incredible incredible. And he had had a couple beverage you back and in this game, not only people are focusing on the on the on the bad beat because of the touchdown. Because of the two point conversion Jenks if you had the under and the Cowboys because that touchdown was scored with under a minute to play. And you know, a lot of criticism has been out there. And I'll pile on Brian Schottenheimer Heimer playcalling was absolutely miserable. I mean, you've got your invested in Russell Wilson with this much money. Let the do do do what he does. He does. You're you're you're pretending like he's a rookie quarterback out there. Let and then you see him on that final drive and Tyler lock it's running down the middle of the field wide open. Good Lord, man Wasi. This all the time in in. We've seen it in Seattle during that Super Bowl play, you know, a few years ago coordinators often out think themselves, and sometimes football is just a very simple game. You let Russell Wilson be Russell Wilson. This was the only over to hit. Let's get to Sunday. Baltimore was a three point favorite and boy right from the jump. It felt like it was L A's day at.

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Russell Wilson, Jimmer, Jim Morrison discussed on National Championship - Alabama vs. Clemson

National Championship - Alabama vs. Clemson 1 year ago

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