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Was good. The fact that Ed rollins like the motivation for Seth Rollins to turn heel is what happened survivor series. I thought that was good. You know coming off of survivor series. Last year smackdown lost like every single match and we got to smackdown nobody cared. Nobody said anything about it. No I mean I guess they did. Shane McMahon did a thing if I remember correctly but it really wasn't. It didn't lead to anything huge. I don't think I kinda like so the AARP. Seth rollins things interesting because they're going to have to do it differently. The you know granted J. and J. Security Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury very different from the A. O. P. The AARP OPR. These big MANTRAS men in those guys are kind of playing the characters of corporate weasel so clearly very different but still. I think that they do have to walk a fine. Fine Line if you're GONNA do stuff with the AARP alongside seth rollins of making it different from what it was before. I think it's genius ends. It's a real subtle thing and I don't know how many people picked up on it but I noticed the when the authors are paying came to the ring on Monday night raw to mop the floor to destroy dismantle and embarrass Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder. Who by the way will never ever and should never get that title shot that they were supposed to get last week but when they came out to humiliate Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder successfully. They were not wearing thing. They're Kevlar vest that they wore before they started doing this current story they were not wearing. I mean you know they kind of had the padding on their legs the the tank tops on you know what I mean. They weren't wearing the Kevlar vest and I thought that was really smart. Because the Kevlar vests are very reminiscent Emily Nissen of the shield even when they wore them and then x t I was like okay. This is like the next version of the shield like it was very reminiscent of the shield. The fact that they joined Seth Rollins in that same night I feel like that decision was made purposely where they were like well. If they're gonNa these two are going to join South Rollins we don't want them wearing. Kevlar hoeveler because we don't want people thinking. This is the shield to point out. We want people thinking. This is something different and I don't think people are making comparisons to the shield. Just is because it's hypothetically three guys but other than that I don't think people are making that comparison so I think it was successful and I'm a fan of factions. I think factions are are very under utilized in this era. And I think when they're good they're great you know. Look at the shield look at undisputed era. You know I think that I. That's why I'm advocating advocating to do some kind of barren corden royal family faction bad guys specifically bad guy factions are really really really good. Historically you get stars out of him you know look at the nation of domination. I don't know if you want to dive. Deep into the disciples of apocalypse in Los Body. But you know you talk about the nation of domination you're talking about the w o you talk about. DX You talk about the free birds you talk about the horseman you talk about. You know everybody the Varsity Club for God's Sakes There's merit to all of these and and and even when you're doing like the Heenan family it just made guys that maybe didn't have that kind of buzz about them. All of a sudden people are talking talking about them. Because Oh we'd better pay attention. This guy is part of the Heenan family. I think the Brood even the brew while the Leader Gang Langrell didn't flush out. The Brood brought all the is to edge and Christian so I and the Ministry of Darkness The corporation and I think factions are great. I think factions are really really good and completely under utilized right now And hopefully we're gonNA see Moore also when you have factions and you have somebody who's not in one for instance yesterday annex t fin ballor knocking out with Tomas O.. Champa laid out and taking the victory over him still laying out Adam Cole. The fact that you have that faction where air if thin Baylor wanted to he could easily easily join the undisputed era and have four guys watching his back back but he doesn't want to. It makes even even bigger statement about being a lone wolf if there are factions that you could potentially join to be alone regardless of that I think is an even bigger statement than otherwise and now you got raw where hypothetically you've got the O. C.. See and you've got the Seth rollins authors have pain factions both going on. I think that there's room for lots of room for both of them and more and they're great. I mean there's so many guys is on the roster now anyway it can only help. You're not going to do a gallows and Anderson match on every episode of raw but you could do something with the OC on every episode of raw you have AJ styles wrestling Galveston or center on the outside. You have Anderson Wrestling Styles and gals are on the outside you know it gives gives tv time to everybody. There's just so many benefits to it. I think it's great but yeah so I thought it was. I thought it was a pretty decent raw. Aw You know we've been on a string of Roz where I don't think enough has been happening on those shows and would this one a lot was happening so I thought it was really good I'm speaking of really good when you talk about the whole annex t envisioning first of all I think the whole annex t invasion angle was success will no more I guess when we find out what the ratings for next he were this week I thought was a better show this week than W although i. NCAA WS whole show. Like I said that's why we don't talk about it too much on this podcast because you know I ended up watching so much. WWE staff that. I don't WanNa give half asked review of a show that I haven't really watched so I don't think that's fair to anybody involved. But the fact that Andy Williams from every time I die and Virgil or on that show makes me think that the old school Sam Robert show that I used to do you want Sirius. Xm Is the feeder system to that promotion. But I digress will no more as as to whether or not the invasion angle is successful for an xt and the survivor series. Wins were successful for annex. T there's no doubt in my mind that the reason annexed next t one so by by by such a large margin Talim large margin sent cha the reason annexed he won by such a large margin Arjun survivor series was because they're the lowest watched show and I think. WWe just wants to increase the visibility and the cachet of that brand right so they make them look like a million bucks the same way. They've been making him look like a million bucks throughout this invasion angle. So last week we had really great ratings for an X. T. but that was also an episode that had the invasion stuff going on Viking raiders revival. Becky Lynch Seth Rollins was a huge show. This week it only had the annex t guys on it but the guys are all bigger stars this week than they were last week because wargames wargames and survivors and more specifically survivor series. And you know I was thinking about and I talked about it a little bit at the top of the show on Monday Sunday but I was thinking about who really benefits from from the invasion and the month lead up to survivor series and really servive or series weekend. I think when you talk about who benefited the most throughout the entire month. Probably Adam Cole I am Cole probably comes out looking like the biggest star but when you look who benefited the most in just the weekend the wargame survivor series weekend and who moved the most you know I think Adam Cole might have benefited the most but he was starting in a position. That was already really really good in terms of who moved the most from starting to finish point this weekend was for all intents and purposes the birth of the next level of keithly. I mean gene. Keith Lee comes out of this whole thing looking like a hundred million dollars. I've we've talked on this podcast before I had a conversation with Adam Cole about it about how cool it was to have multiple main eventers in annex t right when Finn Mbala. I showed up and you're looking and tomato chop is demanding a title shot but Finn Baylor clearly can go straight to the main event but Johnny Gargano is always ready for the main event event. Adam Cole is the champion so right there you've got four main eventers good to go at any point. You could boost velveteen dream up there if you wanted to. But he's in the North American title picture after this weekend. You can add Keith lead to that I mean. I think that you know granted you're still in this position where both thin Baylor and Tomasz. Oh CIAMPA want title matches with Adam Cole. But you're next. Takeover they announced is February. I think February wrote it down February sixteenth in Portland. It's going to be a standalone event. It's not GonNa be Royal Rumble weekend. They're not doing a takeover royal rumble weekend. They're they're doing one as a standalone and I think there's a real argument there. The Keith Lee may be the Guy I who is in the main event match with Adam Cole on that show and are just looking at the discord room for all that all the Patriot members are in and WWe front row. Who is a huge advocate for women's wrestling which I love Says in his opinion rea- Ripley wasn't even a bigger win for survivor series. Weekend and I would kind of put her with Adam Cole. I think that really was already on this path to be the top female good guy in annex t before the invasion stuff ever started you. You know I think the minute. She was announced as a fulltime annex t roster member. Ria Ripley was okay. She's she's going to be the one. That challenges Shayna Baiser. I mean back in January Kan.. When people were asking me like after you said what you said about Bianca Bel Air on the kickoff show if Bianca Bel Air doesn't deserve kickoff match with Shane obeys lawyer who does Ria Ripley? Really at that point the Annex T U K women's champion was already the person that I was going. She is the one to go one on one with Shayna Baiser as real competition so to me shoes already there. I think there's more is on her but I don't think that her position has moved. Necessarily I think that what she has done is cemented herself at the top of the next women's division and with her help there are more is on the entire next women's division. I think Keith Lee is a guy that you didn't you certainly before survivor series before.

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