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403 Sunday January 3rd 2020 40 degrees and that's as high as it gets today. Good morning. I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant the top local stories we're following this hour. The Loudon County Sheriff's Office says the suspect in the shooting at a sterling Wal Mart is in custody. It all began at around 5 30 yesterday afternoon when the suspect shot three people at the store, including an off duty, Loudon County Sheriff's deputy During a shoplifting incident. All of the victims are expected to survive. Fairfax County police have been searching for the suspect in Chantilly will give you more updates as the information becomes available. We're learning more about two of the five fires that happened in Prince George's County on New Year's Day. One of those fires took a life one was a three alarm fire that left at least 65 people out of their homes and cause $2 million in damage. It happened at an apartment building on Alice Drive in Oxon Hill. Investigators say the evening fires a case of arson and arrested Kiana tell a pharaoh who lived in the building. Investigators later question the suspect who admitted to starting the fire, Michael Eurasian, with French George's County Fire and E. M s. Another fire at a home in Beltsville shortly before noon on Montgomery Road, claimed the life of me or not. Reno's a who is believed to have re entered the home after escaping. Moments later, the eight year old child who was transported exited the home but Miss Reno's Ah did not. The eight year old girl into adult suffered serious injuries. Foul play is not suspected in that fire. Mike Morello w T O P News Ah man hats, non life threatening injuries After being shot Saturday morning, it happened in a confrontation with D. C. Police on Georgia. Avenue Northwest in the park. Few neighborhood D. C. Police chief Robert Conte says the man was struck with an officer fired, wounding him and then police recovered the man semiautomatic handgun with an extended magazine. There is police camera video of the shooting officer's body want camera was activated, so we will be releasing that information for our protocols. The shooting happened in the 3300 block of Georgia Avenue home toe, a Beiber shop a.

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