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Marcellus travis espn la all right so you mentioned this yesterday all right the guys that do the mock drafts most famously todd mcshay and milk hyper and their junior accuracy rates right or lack thereof kind of an interesting little here because stay look backdraft is over what we're going back their mock drafts and let's see how they did along the way i can't believe we're looking first pick in the nfl draft is we all know cleveland browns take baker mayfield with the number one guy typer junior you gotta right oh oh good gets it right with baker mayfield from oklahoma todd mcshay take a look here he loses sam darnold number one ignat to cleveland so he misses right there i'm moving on to the second pick in the draft saquon barkley from pan penn state going back oh no copper hot star two for two saquon barkley number two on todd mcshay so he got one right thing naming thanking it's that one right moving on number three sam darnold nope todd mcshay mrs with baker mayfield keiper feeling it three for three event you say good vet you know what i may pay attention the next time because yeah let's see three for three that's pretty darn good number four everybody got this right let's see both mel and todd had bradley chubb at the four spot and maybe this because they're the browns and the browns do things like the browns took dens award so nobody got that one right.

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