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To rent in 45 minutes from effort to Seattle and our Redmond to Seattle. A drive on 5 20 will take you about 37 minutes. Our Seattle the Federal way Drive, though still sitting at 31 minutes with some heavier traffic as we head up South Centre Hill and again after Highway 18. It's bumper to bumper on North and 405 from South Center. Most of the way the 30th we had that earlier crash and has now cleared Not only from the rampant from the lanes, backups on south and four or five at the Bellevue because drivers were looking at it If you're headed through Lakewood, Of course, the lineup for drivers starts from just after Thorne Lane goes all the way out to do pot Silicon Road with some backups on 5 12 in both directions right around the South Hill mall. Traffic is still a little heavy on highway 16, as we approach will watch it north and I five as we head down the hill heading out towards the Tacoma Dome. The only other blocking issue I'm hearing about is a crash is on the bottle over highway as you approach 100 and 64th traffic is brought to you by duck Duck. Go protect your privacy for free with duck. Duck. Go! What What is it that makes you uniquely you while duck duck Go doesn't think that's any of anyone's business. And frankly, it shouldn't be the business of any tech company. Either. Protect your privacy online for free would suck dot Go Cairo radio Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor, now from the Cairo Radio News Center at my Northwest Comets vaccine Passports for Live sports in Seattle, Cairo seven TVs Matthew Smith has details teams involved the Seahawks the crack ins, the Sounders Both U Dub NWS you all of these teams will require proof of vaccination or a negative test close to game time. And those vary. For instance, some teams.

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