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Outstanding free throw shooter. 14 of 19 coming into this game. It's just very unfortunate there. Mm. Tough break for the Bears. Reichel perfect on the first one. One more for number 11. Perfect three for three today. And that one Rattles around and down as well. Right. We'll go out gets his probably his final breather. The game out of T Shake comes back. It gives him a length and a great rebounder Beavers 63 bears 58 4.5 to play Brown. It's been over to the left side, Andre Kelly Kelly with the catch one bounce. Looking for someplace to go with it. It's the Bentley Bentley. Passed back out to Brown. Now, Joel Between his legs. The Andre 65 Andre Left elbow, elevate shoots and connects. Nice shot. Andre Kelly knew he had to do something with it. That jumper makes it a three point game. Beaver 63 bears 60. 3 58 to play Gill Coliseum. Thompson picked up by Brown. Right? Trying to shake free of Foreman. Blue. Was on the floor. Kelly trying to stay with them, Andre with the bump, pollute tough shot. Backboard. No good, and it's gonna be out of bounds. Bears ball, maybe a break there. I thought maybe Lars had touched it last agreed, but they'll give it to the Bears. That was a wild shot. You know, wild.

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