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About the year five thirty six will help get a lot of references to five thirty six in the newspaper on the radio but if all of earth's went dark for a year because of the volcano eruption and there was no loose on for a year and there was war is resolved there was past ones as a result there was all kinds of disease and and large portions of people other stuff right and we're all descendants of the ones who survived and so you know if you take the longer view you can get a little bit more optimistic but obviously there are all kinds of very immediate political and and health issues that the government is really serious and they can you know we all of us to despair in the in the darker moments in the church of mark Fisher right here we don't I've talked about this in Philip opposite me as a national correspondent for the post and you know I mean I've known you a long time and I know Philip for awhile and you know we talk about just the the pit in our stomach can okay you go I mean I try to read everything I can on this and you know and some of the stuff I go through and and I'll say okay right now and then I'll read exactly how this thing works and what it does to some people and some people that have been all compromised systems I have friend die who was you know an alcoholic you need his system was all beat up and he was you know two years three years younger than me and he went five days and you know so I mean the I. A. it it does happen you know and and it's it's it's real but we are you know I mean when when I get emails of people going you know you're going to die something I go yeah hi we are all aware of that but it doesn't have to be this right now I don't know I am I. I hope that we spend the next few months preparing for the winter if it is bad in the fall winter and we're ready for it you know and the people learned in the social distancing thing but this was a good trial run despite the fact we're gonna lose over the summer maybe ninety thousand people before the summer's over hopefully not but you know I'm not I'm not encouraged but what the president's done so hopefully smarter minds will prevail in the governorships of the states and and this won't be you know hopefully and thankfully not every state has run center dissenters in and and is in the seat I still laugh at that one of the first three things that were opened up in Georgia or massage parlors I was like really in a while mark thank you as always buddy appreciated you stay well right okay you too thanks bye again that's senior writer The Washington Post mark Fisher I know mark on the twenty five years and just really smart guy and I love the fact that you know that he's again it's not all doom and gloom from these guys the really smart ones like him and I'm sure I have no doubt he read three books on the Spanish flu looking for positive side step pull through and you know I'm positive too it's not gonna wipe us out we're gonna get through this but you know the combination of the economic impact of the loss of life is heartbreaking all right would you like to talk about it thunderous eighty eighty eight ten I want to hear your thoughts are you a little optimistic can you find some some light and all this darkness good I also eighty eighty eight ten four one five eighty eight ten eighty eight ten is the way you text me and your ticket you're ready dot com children in place isn't always easy you're going stir crazy may we suggest our nightly John Rothman show our evening began and Peter so shells comfortable study where the candle light was just right hi fi I was in the background on the wine was delicious but which wine pairs best with John it's not what you drink but how much to drink how about some champagne now wonderful now but that usually sheltering place children the Roffman Y. sixty nine on KGO a task which should be fun all right while we wait for normal to return please sometime soon there's things you got to pay attention to and your home is one of them if you're stuck in there for a lot of you that are still in and sheltering in place we look around and you think yourself well I'm gonna work on some stuff here but there's some things that need work that maybe you can't see termites termites lots of extra my swimming season after the rain we had they're coming out and they're hungry in your home is food if you own a home in California sooner or later you're going to get termites so Pacific coaster might is an essential business and they are open and operating right now during this challenging time for all of us I know these guys because they've been in my home or they do it right they really do I've I've owned a lot of places and I've dealt with a lot of termite people for this is a third generation business they got it right licensed professionals that know exactly what they're doing or Pacific coast termite they're up to date with the very latest safety equipment all the social distancing guidelines that you need if you call right now you get a free inspection that's free they struck and that's what I love about this come out your home and they go up no termites how did not do a dime and if you do have termites it's against the A. ten percent off promotion KGO it is really it's not that expensive they do we found some termite up in my attic it was pretty dire our system is A. mazing Lee affordable and the phone number eight hundred seven two two four three four two is a hundred percent XO call them up and get that free termite inspection even thinking about there's no fumigation by the way if you need termites that to be done with you got to get him you have to leave your home yeah you have to back your food your pets get to stay there.

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