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Say anything to i'm not really setting antiwar tool is quite an interesting basis um uh where uh an organization called survival international i'm off james comey they put out not uh uh i think it within the hollywood reporter they see they pay twenty thousand dollars putting up a newcomer to make a single statement uh on the plight of a particular try very very similar to the fictional try in africa mystics no on this real try uh in india was big um cuffed out by lot mining company in india i think was um but there was no response i'm did not want to why i can say he didn't want to put their money where their mouth was i thought he didn't want to put his money anyway the south anyway because he did not want to be associate any any way we real world activism uh you know this is a case where you know he probably could have a significant act i intend to affecting things that really happened in the wild but instead they softboiled by completely um until i thought that they were using uh very much dot film as a way of giving the veneer of uh of antiwar uh politics giving the veneer of um of liberal politics but then live get all out a anything meaningful about that was totally torn out but like seeing something about minority report as a now the still fit with the likes of thing not as a kind of know he's critique of capitalism well kind of it's also the most heavily on one of the most heavily thought that so the epa made the anything about it i is complete a everything about its politics is complete get he may think one of the prominent examples familiar to our audience you touched on briefly earlier is independence day and of course we you know i was i was at an event april eighteen a promotional event easily deeds in the year that came out ninety six maybe in rachel nevada near area fifty one and the dean deb london uh.

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