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Well, yeah, he's got all the latest Gulf News. It's always fun to gossip a little bit with Jeff and just catch up on news on the PGA Tour. I got my vaccine this week. Well, good for you. I can't find a place to get a vacuum. Is anybody out there listening? Who could get me and I'm on every list in the world? I even signed up with Waco this week. I'm on pharmacy. I'm on city of Austin. I'm on the U. T. M on the Waco list. One glad you got it. Well, it was It was a little freakish. I mean, it was hard enough to get registered on the city of Boston. So that was a mess. Yeah, that's the big but I just kept looking and All of a sudden, there were all these appointments that popped up. I made one for 4 30 on Thursday went to the Delco Center and boy, was it efficient? I got to tell you the websites, no good, but it was a fishing over there with the firefighters registered nurses. And the city employees went quick next day of playing golf, because so no no effects and I suggest people get that vaccine. Well, maybe this will be my week to get The shot. I didn't get the shot, but he did play golf last week played yesterday at Maurice Williams Mow Willy with my Friday morning group. Let me tell you what, that golf course It was a little wet, but it is in excellent shape. The city, not spending much money, immunity lines admissible, but they're spending money it Maurice Williams, that golf courses and really find shape may be the best shape. I think I've ever seen it. Well, I mean, they know more swims gonna be around. Yeah, and many is too but but they're just not willing to spend the money until the least situation is settled or the land is purchased by the conservative. It was really good yesterday. I applaud. The pro and the director of golf out there and the Greens keeper. It was in really, really good shape Play today at Barton Creek had a big time, too. It's always in good shape. It's in good shape. I stopped by immunity a few minutes ago and saw little Henry Cardwell over there. Giving a putting less hey, was over there, one of them. Players at the Austin Junior Golf Academy, and it was full. I asked her at the T sheet today, and they said, very steady and full, and that's even on a day. That's a little bit questionable with cold and Jane. Tomorrow may not be so good. But next week looks like a great week for golf that it's fantastic. Well, there's a lot of got a lot of golf going around with the PGA Tour in the Champions Tour, the European PGA Tour Let's start with the American Express tournament out in the desert. In California and right now Max Homa, who has one win on the PGA Tour, Max home, It is in the lead at minus 15, Richie Varinsky, Si woo Kim and a million Agrio are at minus 14. Tony fee. Now it minus 13 with a group Francesco Molinari back in the country playing and playing the country, the while he's at minus 12. The Longhorns in the field. Doug Game is playing well this week. The former Texas Longhorn currently is intense place Scotty Kramer Hitchcock is in 32nd Place, and Andrew Landry's in 61st place. This is Eo Bob Hope Desert Classic and Let me just say I'm not being critical, and they're not the fans out. There just looks weird. It looks weird watching this golf tournament reminds me of the Phoenix Open because this is a Death golf course. But at least we have something to watch. But, boys, I'm missing the fans out there. I'm missing the entertainment that used to be the Bob Hope Desert Classic. Yeah, I was going to play above Hope clip, And there were so many of him talking about how much he loved Gothic. Everything Crosby did as well. But you remember who used to be in the last group every Saturday on the Bob Hope Desert Classic, you know, Bob hope would play with with help me out here. Harley Palmer don't play, you know, as long as Arnie could play, and that was the last tournament. Arnold Palmer won 1973 the Bob Hope Desert Classic, 10 realized And then Gerald Ford would be the third and usually the defending champion would be with him because the amateurs used to play in the bottle hope and they're taking a year off this year, but You know, a lot of the tour pros did not like the five hour rounds out there during those days, and it's the same thing with Pebble Beach, too, because those those rounds are long and Pebble Beach will not have a Pro and this year the old bean cross. No, they're not gonna have the program this year. So justice players. They're also playing on the European tour. Nobby Dobby at the Abbey Dobby Championship. If you're looking for impressive leader more this is the place to go. Rory McIlroy is the leader of Minus 13. Terrel Hatton. The Englishman is it Minus 12, another Englishman, Tommy Fleetwood, is it minus 11? American David Lipsky is at minus 10. David Lipsky is a guy I went to Northwestern was an all American who mostly plays in Europe. But this is going to be on the golf channel. I think beginning like 1 A.m.. I gotta take that washed it yet, but 1 A.m. tomorrow morning, so this should be a good good final. Also, they're playing in Hawaii on the Champions Tour, the missile bitchy classic. They're just teeing off right now. The leaders aren't this is the final round because they started on off Thursday because three days and they didn't want to go against football tomorrow, so they're about to start their final round. Jerry Kelly, Wisconsin is it minus 13, along with Darren Clarke, also it minus 13. Retief Goosen, is it minus 11? Freddy Couples, is it minus 10 and right now, West Shortest. Hello, Awesome guy, but These cats can play. It's Jeff Urich. I think Jim Furik is to know since he started playing on the senior Tour E won its first two maybe didn't have in one sense in, but I'm telling you, he is a good player. Thies gas. These guys have a great product right now and longer the jail in the mix. They really do, but, uh, there were really liked it up yesterday in Hawaii. All right. Our phone lines are always open to talk about golf. A lot of things to visit with with Geoff Shackelford. Uh, What's going on in the world of golf, the situation with Phil Mickelson and Billy Walters, she We don't know what I'm talking about. Billy Walters is a big gambler in Las Vegas. She met him. I met him one time, but you met him much more than I have. Las Vegas gambler friend of Phil's place in the desert place in Las Vegas. He had been imprisoned up until this week, President Trump in one of his final actions gave him a pardon. And there was a story that Phil Mickelson sent a letter to help Billy out along with some other golfers. Shut out about it. I come to find out filled in sent a letter to get him free. And it seems like and we'll learn more with Geoff Shackelford seems like they're not..

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