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Enough so they took that and put that on indefinite hold while that's on the indefinite hold. The county still wants to hear more from the community and they list linked to learn more about the program and provide feedback but over the weekend visited a restaurant in larimer county. I'll be honest. I haven't thought about a mask in quite some time didn't have one on me. I'll go in. I went in and the enforcement was zero. There was people over it. Like if this is what they need to do to go ahead and he'll feel like they're still there good okay. Let's do it but people are so people by now have made the decision for themselves about whether they want to get vaccinated. What risk they wanna take and away you go and if you're gonna go into a restaurant and you can sit shoulder to shoulder at the bar and not where your mask then. What good was the mask for the three feet that i walked to get there and there was nobody else around sixty the time driving a tax on the grill texts on eight. Eight eight five. Three zero zero zero four three eight eight eight five three zero zero zero four three when we come back on the other side doomsday well. That's at least boris johnson. Thanks we'll talk about it. Next exits no canal presented by the nine agencies northern carlos voice one or three one at thirteen ten. Kfi came. Welcome back in the auto specialist studios. I've tanner twin takes for being with us here on this monday morning..

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